MA in “American Studies: Politics, Strategy and Economics” – Call for Applications

Following the unanimous decisions of the Senate of the University of Piraeus and the Assembly of the Department of International and European Studies of the University of Piraeus, we are pleased to announce the opening of the application process for the Master program in “American Studies: Politics, Strategy and Economics” for the academic year 2024-2025. The Graduate Program is fully taught in English.

The degree will be offered by the University of Piraeus in coordination with New York University’s Center for Global Affairs (CGA). CGA professors will participate in the Program and advise on the curriculum. Scholarships will also be available.

The Program has been created to fill in a systematic way the gap concerning academic degrees in American studies at postgraduate level in Greece. The Program has been designed with an interdisciplinary approach emphasizing on cutting-edge issues of contemporary research in specialized areas and subtopics. It utilizes the long experience of Greek-American cooperation as regards the analysis of US regional policy over time and during particular periods, focusing on three key areas: Politics, Strategy and Economics. It is taught by staff with long experience in academic teaching and research in Greece and the US and familiar with US policies in Greece, Cyprus and the wider region.

The Program seeks to contribute to the familiarization of students with American policy of various academic disciplines and professional practice that have a multiplier influence. On the one hand, it aims to equip students with appropriate specialized knowledge and adequate tools, to gain a comparative advantage in the labor market. On the other hand, it offers deeper knowledge to scientists and professionals involved in the field of decision-making or foreign policy and politics (politicians, advisers, armed forces officers, diplomats,
journalists, communicators, etc.).

The Program has been designed in accordance with the general educational goals of respective Programs of Greek and foreign HEIs and the market needs. Its purpose and objectives successfully respond to the required scientific needs concerning the understanding, analysis and deepening of the U.S. relations with Greece and Europe and their role in regional and global issues to the extent strategy, politics and economics intertwine and interact. It promotes the networking of students interested in pursuing postgraduate studies in American studies in the wider region with a general focus on U.S. policy and specific regional issues of concern.

In particular, the curriculum of the Program includes two (2) semesters and a summer period. Lectures are given on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. The lessons are taught on a semester basis and each cycle of studies leading to the degree of the Graduate Program includes lectures and research activity. The instruction language of the classes is English. The postgraduate students must attend and be successfully examined to eight (8) courses and to prepare for submission their Master Thesis.

  • Teaching is undertaken by distinguished university professors of Universities in Greece and/ or abroad as well as experts in the field.
  • Innovative methods of teaching and research are applied which include lectures, courses and seminars, conferences, study visits.
  • The selection of candidates is made based on strict meritocratic criteria (academic record, professional experience, language competence/multilingualism, professional prospects, etc.). Tuition fees are 5000 euros for the whole program. For the payment of fees, students prepay an admission fee and pay three installments at the beginning of each semester and the beginning of the summer period.

The applications are due by 17 June 2024, through an online special application form provided by the Secretariat of the Master Program. After submission of the online application, the interested candidates have to print, sign and send the email confirmation with all the related attachments to the Master Program’s address. The recommendation letters have to be also send to the Master Program’s address.

The applications should be accompanied with:

  1. Copy of Diplomas, providing the final grade. The provision of a detailed transcript of records of all courses is welcomed. Applications from students who are expected to compete their studies by September 2024 are accepted.
  2. Two recommendation letters from professors and/or employers.
  3. Certificates proving English language skills.
  4. Two recent photos.

The applications must be directed to:

Master Program in American Studies: Politics, Strategy and Economics
University of Piraeus, Department of International and European Studies.
80 Karaoli & Dimitriou str., PC 185 34, Piraeus

Inquiries can be addressed as follows:

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