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Language Requirements (Greek Courses)

With regard to their registration, candidates who are admitted either into a Faculty or a Department must also hold a certificate denoting their command of the Greek language (such a certificate is issued after relevant examinations either by the University of Athens or by the University of Thessaloniki; alternatively, the candidate should hold a certificate of B2 level (or higher, e.g. C1, C2) issued by the Greek Language Centre of Thessaloniki).

Candidates who do not hold any of those language certificates, can only enroll in the next academic year of their admission to a Greek University, on condition that they will by then have obtained the prerequisite language certificate. Otherwise, they have no right to enroll. The examinations for the Greek language certificate are held twice a year: around June and September in Athens, at the Modern Greek Language Centre of the University Campus in Zografou; also, in June and September in Thessaloniki, at the School of Modern Greek Language at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

For candidates that hold a graduation certificate from a Greek or Cypriot Lyceum, no language certificate is required.


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