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Rector & Vice Rectors


Professor Michail Sfakianakis 

Vice Rector of Research and Lifelong Learning

Associate Professor Dimosthenis Kyriazis

Vice Rector of Finance, Planning and Development

Professor Styliani Sofianopoulou

Vice Rector of Academic, Administrative and Student Affairs Associate

Professor Spyridon Roukanas

Vice Rector of International Relations and Extroversion

Professor Georgia Verropoulou

University & Society

The University of Piraeus has the second-oldest business school established in Greece(1938). It was founded as a “School of Industrial Studies” in 1938 by the Association of Industrialists and Craftsmen, in association with the Federation of Public Limited Companies Greece intending to provide economic, legal and technical education to industrial executives. In 1945 it was renamed to “Higher School of Industrial Studies” and its purpose was that of the systematic theoretical and practical training of administrators. In June 1989, prescribed the renaming of the School to “University of Piraeus”

Scientific profile

Disciplines & Departments

University of Piraeus comprises four Schools :

  • School of Economics, Business and International Studies
  • School of Maritime and Industrial Studies
  • School of Finance and Statistics
  • School of Information and Communication Technologies


Department: Economics
Location: Karaoli and Dimitriou 80, Piraeus
Telephone: +30 210 414-2080, -2081, -2159, -2367, -2077

Department: Business Administration
Location: Karaoli and Dimitriou 80, Piraeus
Telephone: +30 210 4142113

Department: International and European Studies
Location: Karaoli and Dimitriou 80, Piraeus
Telephone: +30 2104142394

Department: Tourism
Location: Karaoli and Dimitriou 80, Piraeus
Telephone: +30 210 4142112- 207

Department: Maritime Studies
Location: Grigoriou Lampraki 21 & Distomou, Piraeus
Telephone: +30 210 4142526

Department: Industrial Management and Technology
Location: Karaoli and Dimitriou 80, Piraeus

Department: Banking and Financial Management
Location: Karaoli and Dimitriou 80, Piraeus
Telephone: +30 210 4142093-184, -90

Department: Statistics and Insurance Science
Location: Karaoli and Dimitriou 80, Piraeus
Telephone: +30 210 414-2083, -2084, -2085, -2222

Department: Informatics
Location: Karaoli and Dimitriou 80, Piraeus
Telephone: +30 210 4142067,-437

Department: Digital Systems
Location: Karaoli and Dimitriou 80, Piraeus
Telephone: +30 210 4142235,-426, -373, -076

International Studies

Postgraduate programs in foreign languages!

Masters (MSc)

School of Economics, Business and International Studies | Department of International and European Studies


The Master in Science in American Studies program combines the development of interdisciplinary theoretical knowledge in the fields of economics, history, politics, culture, strategy and international relations with their practical application. The interactive nature of the program encourages the development of critical skills, creative thinking and the intellectual resources that are necessary to flourish in a global context.


This program aims at the immediate incorporation of students into the market. Therefore, besides regular lectures and seminars, the program also includes study visits and presentations, as well as subsidized educational trips to research and policy analysis institutes. An important aspect of the program is its cooperation with leading academics, researchers and experts, and its strategic partnership with New York University’s Center for Global Affairs.

The benefits of this program for students include: 

  1. Access to UNIPI and CGA’s prestigious academics and experts who are shaping policy and conducting cutting-edge research in their field 
  2. Engage in an international level curriculum and program at a competitive cost 
  3. Access to public or invitation-only academic and policy-related events at UNIPI, CGA and other institutions 
  4. Develop hard and soft skills that will boost your career prospects
  5. Develop a global network of colleagues, academics and experts 
  6. Become familiarized with the academic, research think-tank, international organization and governmental landscape 
  7. Participate in unique study visits, educational trips and interactive events 
  8. Explore the potential for unique internship opportunities in a variety of fields 
  9. Have the possibility to receive a merit-based scholarship
  10. Study in the strategically located yet safe European country of Greece, at the cross-roads of the global interactions discussed in the program

Visit the program’s website

School of Information and Communication Technologies  |  Department of Informatics

The Cybersecurity and Data Science program serves computer scientists and IT professionals who wish to enroll in post graduate computer science studies and learn the recent advancements in the fields of Computer and Infrastructure Security and Data & Business Analytics. These fields exhibit rapid scientific development, high dynamics and an ever-increasing demand in the European and global market. The program awards a Postgraduate Diploma (MSc) in “Cybersecurity and Data Science” with the following three tracks:

  • Information and Communication Systems Security (ICSS)
  • Infrastructure and Systems Security and Reliability (ISSR)
  • Business and Data Analytics (BDA)

Visit the program’s website

School of Economics, Business and International Studies |  Department of International and European Studies

The focus of the degree is clearly interdisciplinary and aims to attract students and especially professionals willing or already pursuing careers in all aspects of the energy industry broadly defined, politics, journalism, shipping, international organizations, law, diplomacy, consultancy firms and the world of think tanks.   

Our faculty members have been carefully selected for both their academic excellence or professional expertise and renown as practitioners.   

This innovative MSc in Energy: Strategy, Law & Economics is offered in English. The curriculum has been designed with an interdisciplinary approach in mind, echoing the demands and expectations of the market where strategy, policy, law and economics are more closely intertwined than ever before. Distinguished Professors (economists, lawyers and political scientists) from the University of Piraeus and other Universities in Europe and the US, as well as globally recognized experts, come together with great enthusiasm in this innovative curriculum to address topical issues on Energy strategy, law & economics.

Visit the program’s website

Cooperation with the University of Western Macedonia

The Postgraduate Studies Program awards a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in “”Modern Information Technologies and Services””. The degree is awarded jointly by the University of Western Macedonia and the Piraeus University. The program offers two tracks (directions) of specialization:
a) Modern Telecommunication Systems, Internet Technologies, the Internet of Things and Systems Secutrity
b) Information and Communication Technologies in Education

Visit the program’s website

School of Maritime and Industrial Studies |  Department of Maritime Studies

The MSc Course in “Shipping management” aims to provide attendants with the necessary analytical and research skills in order to equip them for critical evaluation of market developments in the shipping environment and undertake relevant managerial and strategic decisions in the field of management. More specifically this program aims to: 

  1. Provide an advanced understanding of the diverse subjects, which comprise the shipping management function and a critical evaluation of the relationships between them. 
  2. Analyze ways of organization and management of shipping companies 
  3. Know the characteristics of shipping companies 
  4. Develop applicable business skills in specific shipping business areas. 
  5. Enable participants to handle decision-making processes in the shipping sector from a management perspective. 
  6. Develop the skills of critical analysis and apply them in shipping business real cases and problems.

The key features of the Program are: 

  1. The program mainly focuses on specific shipping business areas of advantage (like bulk dry and wet cargo etc.) and enhances business skills as well as management decision criteria related to these areas. 
  2. Leadership orientation: Applicants can focus on leadership courses and gain professional “hands-on” experience in the targeted fields. 
  3. Professional Orientation: the program structure is strongly linked to professional bodies and Classification Societies’ curricula of certified training courses required from shoreside personnel in shipping. 
  4. Full-time and Part-time program: Applicants may apply either as full-time (12 months) or part-time (24 months).
  5. Languages of delivery and assessment: The course is taught and assessed in English.
  6. Guest Lectures: The course further enhances the participants to the practical focus of shipping fields, as the majority of the modules are vocational oriented. Through practitioners’ lectures, company visits and case studies participants have the opportunity to learn how theoretical shipping concepts produce real business solutions.

Visit the program’s website

School of Maritime and Industrial Studies | Department of Maritime Studies

The MSc program entitled “Sustainability and Quality in Marine Industry” addresses the current challenges in the marine industry, with particular reference to blue growth and sustainable shipping. It deals with innovative growth approaches, “clean” and environmentally friendly options as well as management models that minimize the potential of environmental, safety and security risks associated with human activity in the marine and coastal environment.

Why choose this MSc program? 

Learning outcomes

  • In depth knowledge of the latest developments in the long-term strategy to support sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors.
  • Good theoretical insight and the ability to apply theory for problem-solving.
  • Comprehensive learning from theoretical and practical perspectives.
  • Thorough understanding of the need for an interdisciplinary approach for a greater understanding of the complexities of the marine industry.
  • Certified training in the area of management systems by internationally accredited training agencies.

Target skills

  • The ability to collaborate with other marine and maritime specialists.
  • The ability to approach a complex problem and interpret suitable solutions.
  • Good practical skills in the use of modern digital technology tools.
  • In depth knowledge in fields relevant to your specialization chosen, “Blue Growth” or “Quality in Shipping”.

Visit the program’s website


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