Master in Shipping and Sea Transports: Economics and Politics – Call for applications

The Department of International and European Studies and the Department of Economics invite applications for their Postgraduate Programme leading to a Master of Science Degree in Sea Shipping and Sea Transports: Economics and Politics.

The aim of the Programme is to provide a high quality educational opportunity to its students, an opportunity based on exploring breakthrough topics of political and economic nature in the areas of international shipping and sea transport, on gaining in-depth knowledge from practitioners in the field, on developing skills for future internship and career opportunities and on acquiring an excellent intellectual foundation for any career they wish to pursue.

Prospective employers include shipping companies in Greece and abroad, companies involved in maritime business in Greece and abroad, public and private port authorities, public authorities and local government authorities involved in maritime affairs and sea transports. People already employed in these fields may also benefit from attending this Programme in terms of knowledge as well as opportunities for professional advancement. Finally, the Programme will prove indispensible to those contemplating a career change or wish to pursue a PhD in the relevant fields.

The Programme entails two strands, each specialized in one of the two key areas of global maritime trade: a) Shipping and Maritime Transport Economics and b) International Politics of Shipping and Maritime Transport. Therefore the courses of the Programme come from the academic disciplines of Economics of Shipping and Sea Transport, Logistics, and International Relations.

The time frame of the Programme consists of three semesters, two of which involve class attendance, while the third is dedicated to the writing of a dissertation.

Application deadline is on the 30th of June 2023.

Potential applicants can find more information about the programme at the link below:

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