Why Study in Greece

Often dubbed the cradle of Western civilization, Greece is arguably the country with the most influential civilization of ancient times. Contemporary meets antique in a country both drenched in world history and brimming with modernity. Simplicity, beauty and harmony depict themselves everywhere within this luminous Mediterranean environment composed of mythical ruins of marble, sapphire waters and white houses.

In Greece, you can experience an ever-social culture and you can taste a cuisine internationally recognized for its deliciousness. You have the opportunity to visit the sites where the Western civilization was born and you can walk in the footsteps of ancient Greek philosophers and mathematicians. Nevertheless, what Greece has to offer, especially to foreign students, extends beyond this classical as well as romantic image.

The proud tradition of scholarly inquiry – Greece has an academic heritage like few other countries in the world, having been home to the lives of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Hippocrates and Pythagoras along with the high quality education offered by the Greek institutions across a broad spectrum of subjects are two reasons that can attract foreigners to study in Greece.

The “birthplace of Academia and Western thought” also constitutes a vibrant research centre, with ongoing work in theoretical fields such as archaeology and classics as well as in scientific fields such as medicine, biology and physics, and technology disciplines like I T and computer engineering, between others.

Especially during the last decade, Greek universities developed their international networks and an interdisciplinary, multicultural environment was formed, offering foreign students the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of scientific fields ranging from classical humanities to modern technologies. Nowadays, Greece provides a friendly and fertile environment for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Furthermore, we should not forget that Greece is a member of the EU and participates fully in the modern European Higher Education Area. As a matter of fact, those who study in Greece have access to EU’s study programmes and are able to do internships or traineeships abroad.

Plus, the cost of living in Greece is relatively low compared to many other European nations, which means that big and cosmopolitan cities like Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras are between the most affordable European student cities.

We could easily say that Greece is a country that offers students the opportunity to combine harmoniously research, reflection and leisure.

International students will find that a richly varied geography, a long-established archeological tradition, a modern society and a bustling economy are just some of the aspects that make Greece a fascinating place to study.

Those wanting to start their own business, or find a great job in an international company in sectors related strongly to the country’s identity like shipping and tourism, or other fields that have emerged within the environment of the technological revolution like I T and computer science, would benefit from a longer stay.