University of Western Macedonia


The University of Western Macedonia was founded in Kozani in 2003, under the Presidential Decree No. 92 / 11-4-2003. The first members of the Interim University Administration / Body were appointed under the Ministerial Decision F. 120.61 / 132/61865 / B2 / 25.6.2003.

In 2015, after the first elections for a Rector, the University of Western Macedonia became a self-governing institution, and ran courses in 2 cities, Kozani and Florina, with 3 Schools and 6 Departments.

In 2019, the University of Western Macedonia was merged with the Technological Education Institute of Western Macedonia (Law 4610/2019, Government Gazette 70 / A / 07.05.2019). The TEI of Western Macedonia, ran courses in 5 Schools and 11 Departments in 5 cities in Western Macedonia. The central campus was located in Kozani.

The new University of Western Macedonia runs 7 Schools and 22 Departments in 5 cities (Kozani, Florina, Kastoria, Ptolemaida, and Grevena). The main campus is located in Kila, Kozani.

The new campus is under construction and is expected to be fully functional by the end of 2021

Scientific profile

Disciplines & Departments

University of Western Macedonia comprises seven Schools:

  • School Of Engineering
  • School Of Health Sciences
  • School Of Social Sciences And Humanities
  • School Of Science
  • School Of Agriculture
  • School Of Economic Sciences
  • School Of Fine Arts
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Kila Kozani 


Professor Theodoros Theodoulidis

Vice Rectors

Vice-rector for Academic Affairs & Student Welfare
Professor Nikolaos Sariannidis
Vice-rector for Research & Lifelong Learning
Professor Stergios Maropoulos
Vice-rector for Finance, Management & Development
Professor Georgios Iordanidis
Vice-rector for Administrative Affairs
Professor Anna Spyrtou



International Profile

International Inter-university – Interdepartmental common Master Program

Petroleum oil and gas management and transportation – M.Sc. MOGMAT.
Director: D.Sc. Econ. Evangelos Siskos, professor


Department:Electrical And Computer Engineering
Location: Karamanli & ligeris, Kozani, Τ.Κ. 5013
Website: https://ece.uowm.gr/?lan=en

Department:Mechanical Engineering
Location: Sialvera 20, Kozani
Website: http://mech.uowm.gr/en/welcome/
Telephone: +30 24610 56604

Department:Chemical Engineering
Location: Kila Kozanis
Website: https://chemeng.uowm.gr/en/home/
Telephone: +30 24610 56654

Department:Mineral Resources Engineering
Location: Kila Kozanis
Website: https://mre.uowm.gr/en/contact-details/
Telephone: +30 24610 68255

Department: Product & Systems Design Engineering
Location: Kila Kozanis
Website: https://ide.uowm.gr/en/welcome/
Telephone: +30 2251036604

Department: Occupational Therapy
Location: KEPTSE area, PC 50200, Ptolemaida
Telephone: +30 24610-68055

Department: Midwifery
Location: KEPTSE area, PC 50200, Ptolemaida
Telephone: +30 2461068050

Department: Primary Education
Location: 3km Ethnikis Road, PObox 21, 53100 Florina
Telephone: +30 23850-55000-1-2

Department: Early Childhood Education
Location: 3km Ethnikis Road, PObox 21, 53100 Florina
Website: https://nured.uowm.gr/en/
Telephone: +30 23850-55101, 23850-55102

Department: Communication & Digital Media
Location: Area Fourka, 52100 Kastoria
Telephone: +30 2467087061

Department: Psychology
Location: Administration Building
3rd km Florina – Niki
PO 21, 53100 Florina

Website: https://psy.uowm.gr/en/
Telephone: +30 23850-55200/55201

Department: Mathematics
Location: Area Fourka, 52100 Kastoria
Telephone: +30 2467087261

Department: Informatics
Location: Fourka Area 52100 Kastoria
Website: https://cs.uowm.gr/en/home-page/
Telephone: +30 2467087062

Department: Agriculture
Location: Terma Kontopoulou 53100, Florina
Website: https://agro.uowm.gr/
Telephone: +30 23850-54620

Department:Management Science & Technology
Location: Kila Kozanis
Telephone: +30 24610 68221

Department:Regional & Cross-border Development Studies
Location: Kila Kozanis
Telephone: +30 24610 6811

Department: International And European Economic Studies
Location: Kozanis
Telephone: +30 2461068110

Department:Accounting & Finance
Location: Kila Kozanis
Telephone: +30 24610 68222

Department: Economics
Location: Kastoria
Telephone: +30 2467087060

Department: Business Administration
Location: Grevena
Telephone: +30 24610 68000

Department:Statistics And Insurance Science
Location: Grevena
Telephone: +30 24620 61601-61607

Department: Fine And Applied Arts
Location: Florina
Telephone: +30 23850 55250

Postgraduate programs

Postgraduate programs in Greek!

School Of Engineering

Msc In Welding Engineering And Non Destructive Inspection 

Msc In Renewable Energy Sources & Energy Management In Buildings

Msc In Advanced Engineering Of Energy Systems 

Energy Investments And Environment

Mba In Management Information Systems

Msc – Master Of Science In Mechatronics

Msc In Cad/Cam Systems And Product Design

Msc In Petroleum Oil And Gas Management And Transportation 

Msc In Analysis And Control Of Food Product

School Of Humanities & Social Sciences

Med In Educational Sciences: Science Environment And Technology In Education

Public Discourse And Digital Media 

Creative Writing

Education Science And New Technology 

Msc In Education Sciences: Management And Administration In Education – Educational Leadership

Science Of Education: Med In Mathematics Education

Education Sciences: History, Teaching History, Education Policy

Educational Studies: Teaching Modern Greek Language

Education Sciences: Teacher Education In Innovative Approaches To Teaching And Learning

 School Of Science

Msc In Modern Information Technologies And Services

School Of Economic Science

Human Resources Management, Communication And Leadership 

Msc In Banking-insurance And Finance

M.Sc. In Accounting And Finance

M.Sc. In Accounting And Finance

School Of Agriculture

Msc In Production, Certification And Distribution Of Plant Reproductive Material

Msc In Livestock And Wildlife Management

 School Of Fine Arts

Visual Arts And Landscape: Approaches To Natural And Urban Space

Postgraduate programs in foreign languages!

Masters (MSc)

School of Engineering | Department of Mechanical Engineering

The MSc in Biomedical Engineering of UoWM, is geared towards graduate students pursuing a career within, or in support of the medical sector e.g. preoperative planning, medical instrumentation, pharmaceutics, bioinformatics etc. 

English taught 

Despite the course being taught in English, there are no particular language skill requirements and a Lower degree, or equivalent, would suffice for enrollment (students with basic English, should however be proficient in Greek). Even though the MSc is not aimed at developing your English knowledge, we expect that you’ll improve your English to an advanced level. These intangible skills will help you get ahead of other applicants n the international job market.

Part-time study

Out of its eighteen months of duration, the first twelve are dedicated mainly to the taught components, with lectures divided into two blocks per semester (semesters one and two), followed by exams. The final six months (third semester) are spent on a project/thesis, which is assigned and supervised by one of the MSc’s Professors.

Block Courses

Classes within this MSc are taught in blocks. Classes will typically meet once or twice per week (over weekends), for five to thirteen hours, thus each spanning over 52 hours in total. There are two seven-week blocks during each semester. Block I, starts on the first week of the semester, while Block II starts on the 8th week of the semester with a reading week in-between. Despite courses being predominantly taught on-campus, all classes are web-enhanced, using distant learning techniques. A limited number of PCs, dedicated to this MSc are available on campus, but students should secure regular access to a computer and the internet for the duration of their semesters. Please contact us at if this poses a challenge for you, so we can help you find a suitable solution.

Visit the program’s website