University of West Attica


UNIWA was founded in March 2018 by the National Law 4521. The foundation of the newly established University came from the merging process of the former Technological Educational Institute of Athens and Piraeus University of Applied Sciences. In 2019, the National School of Public Health joined the newly established university.

UNIWA operates with high educational and research standards and strives to respond to the ever-increasing demands of a modern society for the creation of executives that have attained a solid scientific and technological background.

The newly established university is the third largest in the country in terms of student numbers. It has approximately 52,000 undergraduate, 1,150 postgraduate and 210 doctoral students. UNIWA has expanded to three Campuses within the metropolitan region of Athens. The Egaleo Park Campus lays in the administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Egaleo, surrounded by the streets Milou, Agiou Spyridonos, Dimitsanis, and Edessis. The Ancient Olive Grove Campus is also located in the Municipality of Egaleo, on Petrou Ralli and Thivon Streets, on the border of the historic Athens Olive Grove, where Ancient Athenian Philosophers gave academic lectures. Finally, the Athens Campus is located in the Municipality of Athens on Alexandras Avenue and is housed in the premises of the former National School of Public Health in a building of particular historical value that underwent restoration works a few years ago. The operation of the institution is supported by its highly-qualified and experienced administrative staff.

Today, UNIWA includes twenty-seven departments, organized into six Schools, covering a wide range of disciplines. The School of Public Health, the School of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, the School of Food Sciences, the School of Health and Welfare Sciences, the School of Applied Arts and Culture and the School of Engineering. The Schools’ fields of study cover a wide range of modern science, including social, administrative and economic sciences, engineering sciences, health and welfare sciences, food sciences and art studies.

 Our University maintains permanent partnerships with other domestic and foreign educational and research institutions, with the aim of continually improving the level of study. In addition, it is highly involved in various European Union Programs aiming for international collaborations, development of innovation and dissemination of knowledge.

Postgraduate programs are a high priority at UNIWA as it offers a wide range of programmes (departmental, interdepartmental, inter-institutional and interstate ones), covering a variety of scientific fields, thus enabling graduates to promote science and claim their place in the labor market. 

Scientific profile

Disciplines & Departments

University of West Attica comprises six Schools :

  • School Of Public Health
  • School Of Administrative, Economics And Social Sciences
  • School Of Food Sciences
  • School Of Health And Care Sciences
  • School Of Applied Arts & Culture
  • School Of Engineering
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Ag. Spyridonos Str., Egaleo


Professor Panagiotis Kaldis

Vice Rectors

Vice Rector for Administrative Affairs
Professor Grammati Pantziou
Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs
Professor Efstathia Papageorgiou
Vice Rector for Finance, Planning and Development
Professor Cleo Sgouropoulou
Vice Rector for Research and Lifelong Learning
Professor Ioannis Kaldellis



International Profile

Our University, despite its recent establishment (in 2018), originates from three historical and dynamic educational and research entities in the region of Attica: the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, and the National School of Public Health, which have produced thousands of graduates and contributed decisively to the development of the country, but also at a worldwide level. The first two institutions have had a remarkable 45 years course since their establishment, nearly 20 years of which in higher education. The National School of Public Health was founded in 1929 by Eleftherios Venizelos, preserving an outstanding contribution of 90 years.

The new University of West Attica (UniWA) was thus founded, bringing forth high academic standards, capitalizing on individual attributes of the former institutions and creating economies of scale and scope. It consists of 6 Schools (the School of Public Health, the School of Administrative, Economic & Social Sciences, the School of Food Sciences, the School of Health & Care Sciences, the School of Applied Arts & Culture, and the School of Engineering) and 27 Departments, covering a broad spectrum of disciplines.

The University has three Campuses (two in the Municipality of Egaleo—at Egaleo Park and the Ancient Olive Grove—and the third in Athens) while a fourth Campus is currently being developed in the area of Moschato. UniWA has approximately 55,700 undergraduate, 5,500 postgraduate and 460 doctoral students enrolled, a rapidly increasing number considering the fact that the preexisting institutions did not have the authority to provide doctoral studies.

Our strategy is to invest in people and our practice is to cooperate with the academic community based on a system of values, trust, stability and credibility with ethics and justice, providing equal opportunities and applying the University’s meritocracy and accountability to society. At the same time, we are encouraging the intensification of digital transformation, innovation and academic cosmopolitanism.

We strive for the entire academic community to work harmoniously and creatively, with a common vision: for UniWA to be established as a first-choice, modern, and progressive University, with a publicly recognized and competitive role in worldwide education and research. A pleasant and multicultural higher education institution where all of us, along with our students, can live and socialize. A University that prioritizes health, self-determination, dignity, culture, sport and ecology.

The Rector,
Professor Panagiotis E. Kaldis


Department: Public and Community Health
Location: Athens
Website: http://pch.uniwa.gr/
Telephone: +30 2132010219

Department: Public Health Policies
Location: Athens
Website: http://php.uniwa.gr
Telephone: +30 2132010207

Department: Early Childhood Care and Education
Location: Athens
Telephone: +30 2105387092

Department: Archival, Library and Information Studies
Location: Athens
Telephone: +30 2105385203

Department: Business Administration
Location: Athens
Telephone: +30 2105381197

Department: Tourism Management
Location: Athens
Telephone: +30 2105385211

Department: Social Work
Location: Athens
Telephone: +30 2105381173

Department: Accounting and Finance
Location: Athens
Telephone: +30 210 5381125

Department: Food Science and Technology
Location: Athens
Telephone: +30 2105385506

Department: Wine, Vine and Beverage Sciences
Location: Athens
Website: http://wvbs.uniwa.gr/
Telephone: +30 2105385504

Department: Biomedical Sciences
Location: Athens
Website: http://bisc.uniwa.gr/
Telephone: +30 210 5385690

Department:  Occupational Therapy
Location: Athens
Website: http://ot.uniwa.gr/
Telephone: +30 2105387456

Department: Midwifery
Location: Athens
Website: http://midw.uniwa.gr/
Telephone: +30 2105387481

Department: Nursing
Location: Athens
Website: http://nurs.uniwa.gr/
Telephone: +30 2105385613

Department: Physiotherapy
Location: Athens
Website: http://www.phys.uniwa.gr/
Telephone: +30 2105387485

Department:Graphic and Visual Communication Design
Location: Athens
Telephone: +30 210 5385409

Department: Interior Architecture
Location: Athens
Telephone: +30 2105385405

Department: Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art
Location: Athens
Telephone: +30 2105385407

Department: Photography and Audiovisual Arts
Location: Athens
Telephone: +30 2105385410

Department: Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Location: Athens
Telephone: +30 210 538-1225

Department: Biomedical Engineering
Location: Athens
Website: http://bme.uniwa.gr
Telephone: +30 2105385303

Department: Industrial Design and Production Engineering
Location: Athens
Telephone: +30  2105381219

Department: Informatics and Computer Engineering
Location: Athens
Telephone: +30 210538-5382

Department: Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineering
Location: Athens
Website: http://www.geo.uniwa.gr
Telephone: +30 2105385854

Department: Mechanical Engineering
Location: Athens
Telephone: +30 2105381227

Department: Naval Architecture
Location: Athens
Website: http://www.na.uniwa.gr
Telephone: +30 2105385310

Department: Civil Engineering
Location: Athens
Telephone: +30 2105381719

Postgraduate programs

The  Postgraduate programs that are taught in Greek!

School Of Public Health

Department Of Public And Community Health

Msc In Environmental Communication And Health Promotion 

Department Of Public Health Policies

Msc In Public Health 

Msc In Occupational & Environmental Health

Msc In Leadership, Innovation And Value In Health Policies 

School Of Administrative,Economics And Social Sciences

Department Of Archival, Library And Information Studies

 Msc In Information Management In Libraries, Archives, Museums

Department Of Business Administration

Business Administration

Administration Of Educational Units

Public Administration – Public Management

Organization, Operation, Development, Port Administration

Administration And Management Of Health And Social Care Services

Interdepartmental Pm

Educational Technology And Human Resources Development In Collaboration With The Pedagogical Department Of Primary Education Uoa

Department Of Tourism Management

Master Of Science In Tourism Entrepreneurship

Department Of Accounting And Finance

Ma Public Economics And Politics 

Ma Shipping Finance Gr

Ma Applied Accounting, Auditing And Taxation 

School Of Food Sciences

Department Of Food Science And Technology

Ma Innovation, Quality And Food Safety 

Department Of Wine, Vine And Beverage Sciences

Ma Wine And Beer Science

School Of Health And Care Sciences

Department Of Biomedical Sciences

Ma Biomedical Methods And Technology In Diagnosis 

Ma Advanced Aesthetics And Cosmetology: Development-quality Control And Safety Of New Cosmetic Products

Μa Pedagogy Through Innovative Technologies And Biomedical Approaches

Μa Modern Applications In Medicine Imaging 

Department Of Midwifery

Ma Advanced And Proven Obstetric Care

Ma Research In Female Reproduction

Co-organization With The Medical School Of Uoa

Department Of Nursing

Ma Treatment And Care Of Wounds And Ulcers 

Ma Chronic Disease Management 

Ma Community Nursing And Public Health Nursing 

Ma Specialized Clinical Nursing 

Ma Cardiac, Medical And Nursing Care 

Co-organization With The Medical School Of Uoa 

Department Of Physiotherapy

Ma New Methods In Physiotherapy

Ma Health Promotion And Education 

Co-organization With The Medical School Of Uoa 

School Of Applied Arts & Culture

Department Of Graphic And Visual Communication Design

Μa Intelligent Packaging: New Technologies And Marketing

Μa  Animation (Two-dimensional And Three-dimensional Animation) 

Department Of Interior Architecture

Μa Interior Architecture: Sustainable And Social Design 

Department Of Conservation Of Antiquities And Works Of Art

Μa Preservation Of Cultural Heritage

Μa Museum Studies 

School Of Engineering

Department Of Electrical And Electronic Engineering

Μa Communications And Data Networks

Μa Electrical And Electronic Sciences Through Research

Μa Management And Optimization Of Energy Systems

Μa Audio, Video And Transmission Technologies

Μa Internet Of Things And Intelligent Environments

Μa Information And Communication Technologies For Education

 Department Of Biomedical Engineering

Μa Advanced Systems & Methods In Biomedical Technology

Department Of Industrial Design And Production Engineering

Ma Production And Services Automation

Ma Artificial Intelligence And Control Systems 

Ma New Technologies In Shipping And Transport

Department Of Informatics And Computer Engineering

Ma Information Technology And Applications 

Ma Science And Technology Of Informatics And Computers 

Ma Digital Transformation And Educational Practice

Department Of Surveying And Geoinformatics Engineering

Μa Geospatial Technologies 

Department Of Mechanical Engineering

Msc In Oil And Gas Process Systems Engineering

Msc By Research In Thermofluids

Department Of Naval Architecture

Ma Advanced Technologies In Shipbuilding And Marine Engineering 

Department Of Civil Engineering

Μa Earthquake And Energy Upgrading Of Structures And Sustainable Development 

Μa Architectural And Structural Restoration Of Historic Buildings And Ensembles 

Μa Applied Environmental Protection Policies And Techniques

The  Postgraduate programs that are taught in foreign languages!

Masters (MSc)

MSc Advanced Industrial & Manufacturing Systems

School of Engineering | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Co-organized with Kingston University

MSc in Energy Systems

School of Engineering | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Co-organized by Heriot Watt University (Scotland)


To provide high quality theoretical and applied knowledge on technology, applications, research and development in contemporary energy issues, while ensuring a significant competitive advantage in the professional perspective and development of its graduates in the most dynamic fields of Energy.



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