One of the faculties of the International University of Greece, the School of Geotechnical Sciences, is located in Drama.

It includes the Departments of:

Drama is a city and municipality in northeastern Greece in Macedonia. Ιt is the capital of the regional unit of Drama which is part of the East Macedonia and Thrace region. In ancient years the Dionysus, God of ecstasy, fertility of the earth, wine, life itself, was a dominant deity in whole region of Drama. Around the celebration of Epiphany (6th of January), Dionysian celebrations revive in villages all around Drama

One of the faculties of TEI of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace is located in Drama, the School of Technology of Agriculture and Food and Food Technology. The faculty has three departments: forestry and natural environment management, oenology and beverage technology, landscape architecture.

The everyday life in Drama it is relaxed. Locals are distinguished for their liveliness and talent to sing and dance.  Drama maintains a low profile, as she waits -as a humble hostess- for someone to pass her “doorstep” in order to reveal its grace and beauty. There is an amplitude of choices for excursions in Drama. The region is surrounded by archaeological sites, Byzantine monuments and traditional villages.

Drama Film Club, started hosting the “Short Film Festival of Drama” back in 1978. The response of both filmmakers and the public has been significant from its early years. After a few years, the Festival was adopted by the Municipality of Drama in the mid-1980s by the State.