Argostoli has two departments of the Ionian University : the department of Digital Media and Communication and the department of Food Science and Technology. Students can enjoy various a “laid-back” ways of having a great student life in the island. They can also organise small trips in Argostoli’s uniquely beautiful beaches.

Argostoli is a town and a former municipality on the island of Kefalonia, Ionian Islands, Greece. Argostoli developed into one of the busiest ports in Greece, leading to prosperity and growth. 

The city also has a rich library, called Korgialenio. Korgialenio is believed to be the third largest library nationwide and has many, rare texts and manuscripts dated back to 1535. 

One of the “mysteries” of Argostoli is Katavothres, a rare geological phenomenon. At the edge of the Argostoli peninsula the sea penetrates the land and flows into sinks. The phenomenon has been long overwhelmed by scientists.