Why “Greece” and not “Hellas”?

There are 2 ways to pronounce the name of Greece. In english it is Greece (Grecia, Griechenland, Grece in some other languages) and the people who live here are called Greeks. The truth is that the people here in Greece they prefer the name ‘’Hellas’’ and the name “Hellene”.

According to prof. Christoforos Charalampakis the origin of the word “Greece” is found back in the Ancient Ages. During the era of Aristotle a small number of people  named “Graes” are shown up. They were living around the oracle of Dodoni and maybe they were the first Greeks. Also in Volos there were some people called “Hellanes” whose name became “Hellene” later. During the era of Hommer the word “Panhellenic” is being used something that indicates the sensation of common origin. But the word “Grekos”( “Γραικός”) had an underestimating meaning and so a lot of people didn’t want to be pronounced this way.

In historic and scientific aspect we can say that both words have an ancient origin and are legalto be used. The word “Greek” comes out from the Latin word “Graecus” that comes out from greek word “Grekos” (“Γραικός”).

The word “Grekos” has a positive meaning at all as like “Romios”. Romios means Roman national and it is an honor title.

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