“US politics and transatlantic relations after the 2020 elections”

The Department of Political Sciences (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and the Department of Political Science (The University of Alabama) co-organize the on-line workshop “US politics and transatlantic relations after the 2020 elections”. The webinar analyses the impact of the 2020 US elections on the domestic political arena as well as the long-term consequences for the country’s constitutional foundations. It also looks at the effects of the new US Administration on relations both with the US and Greece.

The event is coordinated by Professor Ioannis Papageorgiou from the Department of Political Sciences of AUTH, and reflects the spirit of cooperation between the two universities, which have already signed an MOU and they also collaborate and coexist within the framework of IAPP Greece – Cooperation with USA Universities.

Event’s official site: http://uselections2020.polsci.auth.gr/

Register now:


Site of the Alabama Greece Initiative: https://greece.as.ua.edu/

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