Athens School of Medicine launches a Medical Degree in English

The School of Medicine, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is opening a new chapter with the inauguration of its first “Medical Degree” in English. It plans to start welcoming its freshman students in September 2022.

The program was certified with honors by the National Higher Education Authority and it is similar to the recently reformed and certified program in Greek language.

Thus, in order to obtain the degree, it will be required: a) to attend at least 12 teaching semesters, of which the first 5 semesters include pre-clinical courses and exercises, the next 4 include clinical courses and exercises, and the last 3 semesters concern all-day clinical training in main clinical specialties, b) the successful examination in the 48 compulsory courses and in 12 elective courses, and c) the students must accumulate a total of 360 ECTS credits.

Foreigner applicants (passport or other valid document required), graduates of high schools or similar schools based abroad, must have a valid certification for English at level B2. The number of incoming students admitted is set at 40 students per year.

The tuition fees applied are set at 13,000 euros per year, while a part of the proceeds will be used to fund a scholarship program for outstanding students.

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