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Rector & Vice Rectors


Professor Nikolaos Katsarakis

Vice Rector of Finance, Planning and Development
Professor Nikolaos Vidakis
Vice Rector of Research and Innovation
Professor Athanasios Malamos
Vice Rector of Academic and Student Affairs and Lifelong Learning
Professor Fotios Mavromatakis
Vice Rector of International Relations and Extroversion
Associate Professor Konstantinos Petridis

University & Society

The HMU of Crete was established in 1983 aiming at offering technological education
The Institute is a part of the higher education system of Greece and it provides undergraduate and postgraduate education services. It offers 15 Bachelor degrees and postgraduate studies leading to Master of Science degrees. It focuses on research and innovation as well as lifelong learning and it offers technological and consultancy services of high quality.
The Hellenic Mediterranean University employs around 400 qualified academic and technical staff and serves more than 14.500 students. H.M.U Crete has campuses in all major cities of Crete: Chania, Rethymno, Ierapetra, Agio Nikolao and Sitia.
Its’ aim is to make sure study programs are well structured and efficient, that there are successful graduate placements and that student services such as accommodation and restaurant facilities.
There are limitless opportunities for active student participation in research and development projects (HMU of Crete has the top success rate and recognition in research among its peers), for student exchanges with over 100 foreign universities and for paid work at the Institute laboratories. Graduates can also continue with Postgraduate Studies at the Institute or at cooperating Universities in Greece and abroad, with the active support of HMU Crete professors.
Spiritual, artistic and entertainment activities in and around the Institute are varied and shared by students and staff, with the financial support of HMU Crete. Personal care and advice is provided to new incoming students by the International Office and skilled staff at the Schools.

Scientific profile

Disciplines & Departments

Hellenic Mediterranean University comprises five Schools :

  • School of Agriculture
  • School of Management and Economics Sciences
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Music and Audiovisual Technologies


Department of Agriculture

Established: 2019
Location: Heraklio, Crete
Telephone: +30 2810 379411

Department of Business Administration and Tourism

Established: 2019
Location: Heraklio, Crete 
Telephone: +30 2810 379613

Department of Management Science and Technology

Location: Agios Nikolaos, Crete
Telephone: +30 302810 91101, +30 302810 91103

Department of Accounting and Finance

Established: 2018
Location: Heraklio, Crete
Telephone: +30 2810 379636

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

Established: 1999
Location: Sitia, Crete
Telephone: +30 2843029497

Department of Social Work

Established: 1973
Location: Heraklio, Crete
Telephone: +30 2810379536

Nursing Department

Established: 2019
Location: Heraklio, Crete
Telephone: +30 2810379538

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Established: 1986
Location: Heraklio, Crete
Telephone: +30 2810379816

Department of Electronic Engineering

Established: 1965
Location: Chania, Crete
Telephone: +30 2821023008

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Established: 1986
Location: Heraklio, Crete
Telephone: +30 2810379848

Department of Music Technology and Acoustics

Established: 1999
Location: Rethimno 
Telephone: +30 2831021902

International Studies

Postgraduate programs in foreign languages!

Masters (MSc)

School of Engineering | Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The postgraduate program ‘Informatics Engineering’ has duration 18 months (3 semesters) and aims to provide candidates with high quality theoretical and practical knowledge on established and emerging topics in Informatics and Multimedia. The program is organized around modules (courses) comprising theoretical and laboratory work which is undertaken in the first and second semesters. The final semester is devoted to submitting a research-oriented thesis proposal (Student Guidelines for Master, Supervisors Guidelines for Master, Thesis proposal form, Notice of intention to submit thesis, Masters thesis template ver) on a competitive subject which is developed into a Masters thesis and submitted for approval. At the end of the postgraduate program successful candidates should be able to demonstrate expertise in a selected domain of Informatics and Multimedia as well as competence in defining, organizing and conducting research.

Visit the program’s website

School of Engineering | Department of Electronic Engineering 

The MSc “Lasers, Plasma & Applications” promotes scientific knowledge and research, providing a high level of specialized knowledge to its students in order to meet the research and development needs of the country and the European and international academy. environment.
In particular, the aim of the MSc is to provide its students with a high level of postgraduate education in matters related to the applications and technology of lasers and plasma, which in recent years have been continuously developing rapidly scientific and technological development internationally. The training of young scientists in this extremely important international sector will enable the country to continue to actively participate with specialized scientific staff in international developments related to the respective innovative technologies and cutting-edge knowledge.

Objectives of the MSc program of study “Lasers, Plasma & Applications”: 

  1. the education and preparation of its students for the acquisition of the necessary knowledge, so that with their graduation they are ready to join the third cycle of studies, ie to prepare a doctoral dissertation at the Hellenic Mediterranean University or other Higher Education Institutions in the country or elsewhere. ,
  2. the staffing with the scientific staff of specialized knowledge of the academic bodies of education and research (Higher Education Institutions, Research Centers) of the country in the important field of knowledge that deals with,
  3. staffing with the scientific staff of specialized knowledge of the Institute of Physical Plasma & Lasers of the Hellenic Mediterranean University,
  4. the ability of students and graduates to significantly expand their horizons, gaining new knowledge, enhancing their competitiveness in the labor market in European and international becoming, through the mobility that the MPS “Lasers, Plasma & Applications – Lasers, Plasma & Applications »Offers to lead universities, research centers, and companies abroad,
  5. to strengthen the skills and knowledge of its graduates, so that they can create independently or in collaboration with other scientists new small and medium-sized companies of high technology and knowledge, who have research and development departments in their organizational chart, to design, implement and offer highly competitive technology and quality of knowledge products and services.

Visit the program’s website


Master of Science Presentation


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The Institute of Plasma & Laser Physics at the epicenter of the scientific progress in Greece and Europe


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