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Professor Dimitrios Bourantonis

Vice Rector of Academic Affairs and Personnel

Professor Vasilios Vasdekis

Vice Rector of Research and Lifelong Learning

Associate Professor Georgios Lekakos

Vice Rector of Financial Planning and Infrastructure

Professor Konstantinos Drakos

Vice Rector of International Cooperation and Development

Professor Vasilios Papadakis

University & Society

The Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) was founded in 1920 under the name of Athens School of Commercial Studies, through a generous grant by benefactor Grigorios Marlaslis. It was renamed in 1926 to the Athens School of Economics and Business, a name that was retained until 1989 when it assumed its present name, the Athens University of Economics and Business.

It is the oldest university in Greece in the fields of Economics and Business, its roots tracing to the establishment of a Merchant Academy in Athens. Up to 1955 the School offered only one degree in the general area of economics and commerce. In 1955 the duration of study at the School is increased from three to four years and two cycles of study leading to two separate degrees: one in economics and the other in business administration. In 1984 the School was divided into three departments, namely the Department of Economics, the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Statistics and Business Informatics, the latter renamed to the Informatics Department in 1995. In 1978 the University puts in operation the first Master’s program in Greece, the MSc in Economics, still in operation and highly regarded today. In 1989, the University expanded to six departments. From 1999 onwards, the University developed even further and nowadays it includes eight academic departments, offering eight undergraduate degrees, 29 Master’s degrees and an equivalent number of doctoral programs.

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Scientific profile

Disciplines & Departments

Athens University of Economics and Business comprises three Schools :

  • School of Economics
  • School of Business
  • School of Information Sciences and Technology


Department of International & European Economic Studies

Established: 1990
Location: Patision 76,  104 34 Athens
Telephone: +30 210 820 3106

Department of Economics

Established: 1955
Location: Patision 76,  104 34 Athens
Telephone: +30 210 8203 303

Department of Management Science & Technology

Location: Patision 76, 104 34 Athens
Telephone: +30 210 820 3129

Department of Business Administration

Location: Patision 76,  104 34 Athens
Telephone: +30 210 8203 308, +30 210 8203 309, +30 210 8203 310, +30 210 8203 311

Department of Accounting & Finance

Location: Patision 76,  104 34 Athens
Telephone: +30 210 820 3300

Department of Marketing & Communication

Location: Patision 76,  104 34 Athens
Telephone: +30 210 8203101, +30 210 8203103

Department of Informatics
Telephone: +30 210 820 3315, +30 210 820 3316

Department of Statistics

Telephone: +30 210 8203 681

International Studies

Postgraduate programs in foreign languages!


School Of Business | Department of Management Science & Technology, Department of Business Administration, Department of Accounting & Finance, Department of Marketing & Communication

The sets of skills and competencies that the students will develop throughout their studies in the MBA International are summarized by five Program Learning Outcomes that should characterize all students, as Graduate Attributes, upon completion of the Program:

  1. Possess Analytical Capability. Graduates will be able to break down complex problems into single and manageable components, by gathering relevant information and identifying key issues. They demonstrate ability to compare sets of data from different sources, identify possible cause and effect patterns, identify alternatives and the criteria for assessing them, and draw appropriate aggregated conclusions for optimal decision-making and strategy development.
  2. Possess International Awareness. Graduates have developed cross-cultural understanding and business acumen through knowledge gained about global economic, social and geopolitical trends, global markets and different cultures. They should be able to recognize and embrace global diversity, and lead and manage organizations in dynamically evolving international environments,
  3. Demonstrate Reflective and Critical Thinking Skills. Graduates will demonstrate a wide range of cognitive skills applicable in problem-solving, decision-making and human interactions. In combination with enhanced self-awareness, they will be able design and implement plans and programs to address strategic, tactical and operational business challenges and meet organizational and personal goals,
  4. Cultivate an Entrepreneurial, Visionary and Collaborative Mindset. Graduates should be able to identify opportunities in the marketplace, driven by the interplay between technology and socio-economic systems, and implement innovative solutions to seize these opportunities. Lead and inspire others by setting visionary goals and implement strategies to reach them. Excel as team players by collaboratively assessing and implementing alternatives that increase the probability of a desirable outcome,
  5. Consider business situations holistically in a changing environment. Graduates shall have the ability to apprehend the integrated nature of how a business operates, adapts and evolves in interaction with its environment and stakeholders. They shall understand a business as a system; how policies, strategy, structure, processes, technology and people co-evolve and interact in order to achieve success that is economically viable, inclusive and environmentally sustainable. They shall act according to the highest ethical standards.

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School of Business | Department of Management Science & Technology

The program covers in detail theoretical concepts on business, statistics and data management, while it recognizes the importance of practical training on systems and tools. In addition, special care has been given to the “breadth requirement”: exposure on analytics applications in different fields and domains. The result is a well-balanced program between theory and practice. Theoretical concepts account for 50% of the program, systems and tools account for 25% of the program and the “breadth requirement” accounts for another 25% of the program. Theoretical concepts fall in four broad thematic areas:

  • Business Environment and Processes (Information Systems & Business Process Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Business and Privacy Issues in Data Analysis)
  • Statistics (Statistics for Business Analytics I, Statistics for Business Analytics II, Advanced Topics in Statistics)
  • Data Management (Data Management & Business Intelligence, Big Data Systems, Advanced Topics in Data Engineering)
  • Optimization and Knowledge Discovery (Large-scale Optimization, Mining Big Datasets, Social Network Analysis)

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School of Information Sciences and Technology | Department of Informatics 

Our Master of Science (MSc) program in Data Science, the first of its kind in Greece, offers students in-depth focus in Data Science, tailored to their particular interests. It is offered jointly by the Department of Informatics and the Department of Statistics, in the School of Information Sciences and Technology of the AUEB.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • interact with faculty members and fellow students;
  • complete innovative data science projects;
  • become exposed to industry needs and real-life data science challenges.

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School of Economic Sciences | Department of Economics, Department of International & European Economic Studies

The MSc in Economics program is offered by the School of Economic Sciences of Athens University of Economics & Business (AUEB), which consists of the Department of Economics and the Department of International & European Economic Studies. It awards a Master of Science (MSc) Degree in Economics.

It is the first master’s program in Economics established in Greece (in the year 1978 by the Department of Economics of AUEB) following the international standards of academic quality.

It is considered as one of the top master’s programs in Greece and internationally. During its long history, it has produced high quality economists and researchers, many of whom are currently staff in universities and research institutes in Greece and abroad or hold important managerial positions in the public and private sectors of the Greek and international economy.

Graduates of the program acquire a deep theoretical and technical knowledge of the fundamental principles of economics and its applications in a wide field of subjects. Along with the acquired knowledge, our students improve their analytical skills and develop unique personal and interpersonal capabilities.

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School Of Business | Department of Accounting and Finance

The M.Sc. program in Financial Management is a recently established postgraduate program of the Department of Accounting and Finance of AUEB’s School of Business. The program operates in accordance to university’s regulations and Law 4957/2022. The program is taught in English, mainly aiming to attract international students or Greek students who are interested in attending a top quality English-Speaking Masters program. The program is also addressed to business executives who are employed by multinational enterprises based in Greece or abroad, that  mainly operate in English, and wish to develop their skills in the constantly evolving scientific field of Financial Management.

The program’s international profile is in line with the latest global economic and business developments, primarily aiming to better qualify its graduates and boost even more their job placement prospects in the highly competitive international marketplace.

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School of Business Administration | Department of Accounting & Finance, Department of Management Science & Technology, Department of International & European Economic Studies

The MSc in ISFM aims to

  • Provide academic training to graduates and executives that are eager to find employment or are already working in the fields of Shipping, Finance and Management and wish to obtain a higher level of professional development through an English speaking postgraduate program.
  • Offer education in the scientific areas of Shipping, Finance and Management, in their specialized areas, to upper level managers of businesses and public and private organizations.
  • Provide education in the scientific areas of shipping, finance and management to students with officially recognized undergraduate degrees who wish to continue their studies in English, as well as to upper level managers of multinational corporations or organizations in Greece whose business is transacted in English.
  • Link the educational process with the specific needs of the local market and the international economy.
  • Promote AUEB on a worldwide basis and develop cooperation with the international academic community. 

The Program is designed for highly intelligent applicants, with strong undergraduate studies and talent, who are ready to work hard and have the ambition to reach top positions on the executive ladder.

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School Of Business | Department of Marketing & Communication

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School of Information Sciences and Technology | Department of Statistics

The postgraduate program of M.Sc. in Statistics provides specialized knowledge at postgraduate level to graduates of Greek and foreign Universities in the basic fields of Statistics and Probability.

The program’s objective is to train postgraduate students to the following fields:

  • ​Probability Theory
  • Statistical Inference
  • Applied Statistics
  • Theory and Applications of Stochastic Processes
  • Computational Statistics and Big Data

Classes take place 4 mornings per week.

The study program mainly aims at full training and specialization of scientists with statistical or mathematical knowledge, in the science of Statistics and its applications, in order to be able to deal with and solve various problems in a quantitative way, both in the public and private sector.

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