University of Macedonia: Two MOU with the Mongolian University of Otgontenger

The signing of two memoranda of understanding between the University of Macedonia and the University of Otgontenger in Mongolia, one institutional and one within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, was the culmination of a three-day informative visit that a large Mongolian delegation made to the University last week.

The first, institutional, memorandum of cooperation was signed by the Rector of the University of Macedonia, Professor Stylianos D. Katranidis, and by the University of Otgontenger’s counterpart, Professor Enkhzaya Namsraijav. It has a five-year duration and focuses, among other things, on the organization of academic, scientific, and cultural events, such as conferences, workshops, and summer schools, the organization of degree and non-degree courses and lectures, as well as the development of joint research projects.

The second Memorandum of Understanding for Erasmus+

The Erasmus+ program’s second Memorandum, which was signed, relates to the mobility of academic and administrative personnel. The second agreement was signed by Professor Dimitrios Kyrkilis, Vice-Rector for administrative, academic, and student affairs at the University of Macedonia, and Zolbayar Jargalsaikhan, Vice President of the University of Otgontenger.

The Erasmus+ project “Work-based learning for the higher education system in Mongolia towards better employability of university graduates” (MONGWBL) brought the Mongolian delegation to Thessaloniki and the University of Macedonia.

In order to bring relevant expertise to Mongolia’s higher education system, the group made contacts and attended informational events both inside and outside the University of Macedonia on the policies and practices of work-based learning that are now in place in Greece.

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