Twenty members of the Agricultural University of Athens are in the 2% of the world’s top scientists

Twenty (20) members of the Agricultural University of Athens are among the top scientists in the world this year, according to the recent ranking of the bibliographic study of Baas J, Boyack K, Ioannidis JPA., (2021) of Stanford University, of the publishing house Elsevier, published on October 19, 2021 entitled “Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators”. (, which contains the updated ranking list of the most important scientists in the world in various scientific fields.

This list is published every year and evaluates the impact of the scientific work for more than 8,000,000 scientists around the world, classifying them into 22 scientific fields and 176 subfields.

The list includes the top 100,000 scientists in the world from all scientific fields, as well as 2% of the top scientists in their scientific subfield.

The evaluation is based on the Scopus international scientific database and presents separate data on the overall impact of the published research work of scientists throughout their academic careers and during the year 2020.

The twenty members of the academic community of the Agricultural University of Athens included in the list are listed in the following table in alphabetical order and are distributed as follows:

  • Seven (7) from the Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition,
  • Five (5) from the Department of Natural Resources Development & Agricultural Engineering,
  • Four (4) from the Department of Plant Science,
  • Two (2) from the Department of Animal  Science
  • One (1) from the Department of Biotechnology and
  • One (1) from the General Department.

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