Zoom Meeting Prof. Mami Matsukawa, Prof. Norihisa Miki, and Prof. Tomoyuki Shimono,Secretary General Gwenaëlle Guillaume from the T.I.M.E.

Webinar Explores Japan’s Educational Landscape: T.I.M.E. Association Hosts

Feb. 20th, 2024, Study in Greece participated in the webinar organized and hosted by the T.I.M.E. Association. This webinar is tailored for faculty and administrative personnel engaged in international affairs, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding of Japan’s educational system. Esteemed panelists from Doshisha University, Keio University, and Yokohama National University — Prof. Mami Matsukawa, Prof. Norihisa Miki, and Prof. Tomoyuki Shimono, respectively — led the virtual event, offering profound insights into Japan’s educational intricacies and international strategies.

Secretary General Gwenaëlle Guillaume from the T.I.M.E. Association orchestrated the webinar, with the keynote speakers delving into the significance of comprehending the Japanese educational system and the government’s target to attracting 400,000 international students and sending 500,000 students to study abroad by 2033.

Professor Shimono from Yokohama National University commenced the discussion with an in-depth analysis of Japan’s educational framework, focusing on diverse aspects such as the allure of Japan, university curricula, internship practices, and efforts to encourage Japanese students to study abroad. He elaborated on recent governmental initiatives aimed at fostering international collaboration in education, underlining the country’s commitment to global engagement.

Emphasizing Japan’s rich traditions and technological advancements, Professor Shimono outlined the structure of Japanese university curricula, highlighting research-oriented master’s programs and industry engagement opportunities for students. He shed light on the differences in internship and job-hunting practices between Japan and Europe, proposing strategies to motivate Japanese students to pursue overseas studies.

During the Q&A session, participants engaged in discussions regarding Japanese educational initiatives and funding opportunities, gaining insights into collaborative endeavors with international partners and leveraging government support for joint initiatives.

Following Professor Shimono’s presentation, Professor Mami Matsukawa presented an overview of Doshisha University, detailing its founding principles, academic offerings, international partnerships, and support services for students. Professor Norihisa Miki from Keio University then introduced his institution, highlighting its rich history, diverse campuses, academic programs, and robust international collaborations.

Expressing anticipation for future collaborations, Secretary General Guillaume lauded the commitment of Doshisha University and Keio University to promote international exchange programs and support the integration of international students into Japan’s workforce.

The webinar concluded with a keynote address from Professor Tomoyuki Shimono of Yokohama National University, who underscored the university’s commitment to diversity, innovation, and academic excellence.

Extending gratitude to Ms. Antonia Lampropoulou from NTUA, SiG acknowledges the webinar’s significance in facilitating future collaborations between Greek institutions and Japanese universities.

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