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The origins of civilizations


The island of Crete, inhabited since the 7th mill. BC, became a cultural hub within the Eastern Mediterranean basin from the 2nd mill. BC onward. Crete seems to have reached a high economic and, subsequently, cultural level at that time, as evidenced by the establishment of the first state formations. The 2nd mill. Minoan state(s) employed monumental architecture and innovative technologies, such as writing, which allowed them to function as a focal point as well as a melting pot of incoming influences and ideas. Starting from its contribution to the technology of writing and political institutions, the course combines the study of the island’s past and present with anthropological and philosophical reflection on the origins of civilization(s).

Dates: 18-27 February

Organizing committee:
Chloe Balla, University of Crete
Eleni Kaklamanou, University of Crete
Artemis Karnava, University of Crete
Aris Tsantiropoulos, University of Crete
Organizing Institutions: University of Crete, in collaboration with KELKIP, the Institute for Mediterranean Studies and Southwest University, China


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