The Agricultural University of Athens hereinafter referred to as a member of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI)

t is now a fact that the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) is, henceforth, a member of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI). This Organisation is the result of the initiative taken by the Outreach Division of the United Nations Department of Global Communication, which aligns educational and research Institutions with the United Nations principles for further producing global prosperity, enhancing progress and crisis management. Within this framework, 1,500 Institutions coming from 147 countries, cooperate with the United Nations in order to promote peace, human rights and sustainable development, being recognised as top priorities worldwide.

Moreover, the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) aims to support the achievement of the United Nations sustainable development goals, by focusing on the mutually beneficial relationship between education and eco-friendly economic growth. Furthermore, it has as a fruitful objective the creation of a dynamic international collaboration, with a view to fostering a new culture, governed by a strong sense of an intellectual social responsibility. Needless to say that, fundamental rules and values, such as the freedom of expression and speech, the unhindered participation into education, as well as the unobstructed setting of open communication channels and dialogue forms, constitute the basis of this partnership.

The Agricultural University of Athens is, naturally, committed to displaying any devotion and active support, through at least, one action per year, to the following principles: showing dedication to the United Nations Charter and respect to human rights, cultivating educational opportunities for all, promoting sustainability and capacity building in the Higher Education Systems,  in addition to providing any peace and conflict resolution, besides the poverty alleviation, inasmuch the opportunity for gaining access to Higher Education to every interested individual or even more, the “unlearning” of intolerance”. Last but not least, the Agricultural University of Athens holding a leading position in the scientific fields it indulges, such an attainment, shall be “the stepping stone”, for even more significant distinctions at world level.


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