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Studyportals and Study in Greece Partner for Groundbreaking Workshop on International Student Recruitment

In a world increasingly focused on global education, Greek higher education institutions gathered at Harokopio University Athens on Friday, April 5th for a groundbreaking workshop on international student recruitment strategies. The hybrid event, co-organized by Studyportals, the world’s leading platform for international student recruitment, and Study in Greece, Greece’s official agency for promoting Greek higher education abroad, provided valuable insights and practical guidance for Greek universities seeking to attract a wider pool of international students.

Opening remarks from Dr. Ulysses Zoras, Secretary General at the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports, and Prof. Christos Michalakelis, President of Study in Greece, set the stage for a day of informative presentations and interactive discussions. Dr. Theodoroes Papaioannou, Executive Director of Study in Greece, provided a comprehensive overview of SiG’s ongoing efforts to support the internationalization of Greek universities. 

Gyles Hawkins of Studyportals then offered a deep dive into the student journey, from initial consideration of study abroad to program enrollment, highlighting the importance of capturing student interest early and nurturing those leads with relevant information and timely communication to build relationships and ultimately get chosen for their shortlist. His presentation provided clear and concise strategic guidance to the attendees. 

Rounding out the program, Damaris Clark, Studyportals’ experienced consultant, led a session on “Recruiting International Students: Marketing Workshop”, equipping attendees with actionable strategies and methodologies underscored by the importance of data-driven approaches to attract and enroll international students.

The workshop concluded with a dynamic Q&A session, further solidifying the value of the shared information. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants highlights the critical need for ongoing support and guidance in international student recruitment. Universities across Greece expressed their strong desire for more such workshops, emphasizing the importance of data-driven strategies and collaborative efforts for positioning Greece as a top destination for international students

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