Study in Greece in Study and Go Abroad Virtual Education Fair – Part 2

Following the previous fair in the period from 25 to 27 February 2022, Study in Greece was present in the second part of “Study and Go Abroad Virtual Fair” on 19 May 2022, powered by Recruit in Canada.

Study in Greece presented again all the programs offered by Greek universities for international students and the participating students (mainly from Canada) showed particular interest in Greece.

The data obtained from the fair, regarding the subject and the level of studies, showed the following:

Visitor Numbers:   650 students from 86 countries

The following are detailed percentages, regarding the age, the status of the participants, as well as the level and the object of the educational program that they are looking for.


under 15 1.0%
15-17 16.0%
18-24 43.0%
25-34 22.0%
35 and over       18.0%

Level of program sought

Language programs 2.0%
Postgraduate degrees or diplomas 31.0%
Undergraduate programs 36.0%
Short-term programs, exchanges, summer programs 9.5%
Did not specify 13.5%
Work abroad/internships 8.0%


Students 74.0%
Parents 6.0%
School counsellors/University advisors 4.0%
Did not specify 16.0%

Subject areas requested

Arts including Visual Arts, Architecture and Film/Media 9.0%
Applied Science, incl Engineering, Computer Science, IT 19.0%
Humanities, including Psychology, Politics 12.0%
Social Sciences, including Law, Business 21.0%
Physical and Life Sciences, including Medicine, Dentistry 17.5%

Conclusion: The result shown in the data does not reflect anything particularly different from previous studies by Study in Greece. However, the desire of 9.5% of the participants for short-term, exchange and summer programs was impressive. 

Greece is ideal for the development of a culture of Academic Tourism and if it seems that there is a desire from international students, it needs more investment in short-term programs such as summer schools.

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