Space Hellas-AUEB cooperation for the development of an Industrial Doctorate

Through industrial research, our nation’s newly established Industrial Doctorates organization hopes to forge connections between for-profit businesses and academic institutions. Through targeted industrial research and the associated transfer of knowledge from Greek institutions to businesses, it seeks to address issues in the productive sector.

Space Hellas and the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), both extroverted and innovative, recognizing the need to link applied research with the real market, have joined forces to develop an Industrial Doctorate. Specifically, Space Hellas supports the scientific research of Ilias Balabanis, Junior Data Engineer of the R&D department, who is working on an Industrial Doctorate through the cooperation of the company and AUEB, in the Department of Management Science and Technology, supervised by Professor Diomidis Spinellis.

The subject of the doctoral thesis ‘Cybersecurity Applications using Artificial Intelligence’ is an internationally critical technological field and the knowledge acquired will be incorporated into innovative new services and products, as developed by the company’s Research and Development department.
For Space Hellas, the Industrial Doctoral Institution is a new chapter in its many years of close cooperation with leading universities in the country and abroad, with the aim of linking scientific excellence with commercial innovation. Mr. Spyros D. Manolopoulos, Executive Chairman of Space Hellas Group, stated in this regard: “Space Hellas uses the institution of industrial doctorates to build bridges between the Greek academic community and Greek business in order to innovate and develop the country’s competitiveness in international markets “.

The Athens University of Economics and Business, always at the cutting edge of global research and scientific knowledge, investigates the application and dimensions of Artificial Intelligence, both by including relevant courses, seminars and lectures in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral study programs, as well as by producing scientific publications by its researchers.

As noted by the Vice Rector of Research and Lifelong Learning οf the Athens University of Economics and Business, Professor Georgios Lekakos: “The Athens University of Economics and Business actively supports the collaboration between the institution’s research potential and Greek businesses, as in this way the applied research produced at the AUEB creates value both for the researchers funded by the private sector and for businesses, which increase their competitiveness at an international level with the final beneficiaries being the national economy and society”.

Professor Diomedis Spinellis, Director of the Business Analytics Laboratory of the Athens University of Economics and Business, also mentioned the special importance of doctoral theses: “The institution of doctoral theses brings the academic community into contact with real problems and resources of the productive economy, promoting research and innovation for the benefit of Greek society.”

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