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Brief presentation of the history of the Aristotle University School of Medicine, AUTh campus and the services provided to all our students. Description of the English Undergraduate Program of Medicine, its philosophy and objectives. Admission requirements.

  • Assistant Professor Stamatis Poulakidakos


The webinar will offer a brief overview of the undergraduate programme of the Department of Communication and Digital Media of the University of Western Macedonia, located in the beautiful city of Kastoria. The overview will cover the structure of the programme, the main thematics and courses taught, as well as the job opportunities after graduation.

  • Professor Nicholas Tsounis


The objective of the Program is the education, at the undergraduate level, of students from countries that are not members of the European Union (EU) in economics and especially in the areas of sustainable economic growth and development, circular economy, ecology and environmental economics with the use of environmentally friendly technologies

  • Administration Officer Evi Kortsidaki


The International Program in Medicine is an English taught program for International students leading to a Doctor of Medicine degree. It is a 6-year program that includes three years of pre-clinical studies and three years of clinical studies and clerkships. The program is organised by the Medical School of the University of Crete and it reflects the 40-year experience in training medical doctors. The webinar will present the program, admission requirements and the structure of the curriculum.

  • Associate Professor Georgia Pateridou


The webinar will present the joint undergraduate program in Hellenic Culture and Nature and its thematic units, paying special attention to explaining its originality and the prospective group of students that we aim to attract.

  • Vice Rector Helen Miliou


Elaboration on the objectives of Minor Programmes in Coastal Development and Sustainable Maritime Tourism, as well as those achieved by Minor Programmes in Blue Economy and Growth, the Joint Master Programme in Marine Biotechnology, Studies Funding Opportunities, Students’ Contests, Workshops, Mobility of the administrative and academic staff (job shadowing/ researcher mobility), besides digitalization procedures involved. Special reference is to be made to the EU-CONEXUS Plus, too.

  • Assistant Professor Kosmas Kavadias


The brief presentation of Nine (09) Masters and Two (02) Bachelors of University of West Attica.

MAICh, a constituent Institute of the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM), offers two-year Master of Science (MSc) Programs on Business Economics and Management, Food Quality and Chemistry of Natural Products, Geoinformation in Environmental Management, Horticultural Genetics and Biotechnology and Sustainable Agriculture. Our ambition is for our students to deepen their knowledge, critical understanding, applied skills, and capacity to analyze and evaluate, as well as to implement advanced research, so that they are able to contribute towards specific key issues concerning the Mediterranean agriculture, food systems, environment, rural development and other related topics.



Brief presentation of the educational goal of the program. Presentation of the syllabus structure, faculty, infrastructure, admission requirements and fees.


The webinar will introduce the innovative postgraduate program “Forensic Medicine, Anthropology and Imaging” offered for the first time by the University of Crete. The courses and rationale behind the program structure will be discussed while giving an insight on the teaching facilities and the material available to the students.

ISLANDS is a new international research Master programme of the Universities of Groningen, Aegean, Iceland and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It focuses on the development of knowledge on island particularities and the development of tools, skills and technology in order to reduce the gap between theory and practice concerning sustainability.


The MSc in Applied Bioinformatics aims to unlock the power of genetic data to various disciplines from biomedicine and biotechnology to ecological research. This comprehensive English-speaking program provides hands-on training in cutting-edge techniques and tools for analyzing biological DNA, RNA, and protein data.


MSc in Bioeconomy: Biotechnology and Law

The MSc in Bioeconomy: Biotechnology and Law is a graduate degree program focusing on the intersection of biotechnology and legal frameworks. It aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to develop sustainable and ethical biotechnological solutions while also understanding the legal and regulatory frameworks that govern this field.

MSc in Sustainable Agriculture and Business

The MSc in Sustainable Agriculture and Business is a graduate degree program combining sustainable agriculture principles with business management. It aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to develop and implement sustainable agricultural practices while also understanding the economic, social, and environmental aspects of managing a
successful agricultural business.

Towards a global circular economy: The immediate and urgent need for a transition to an ecological circular economy with the help of the MSc Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies

We will present the exciting opportunities for studying Materials Science in the unique research-oriented ecosystem of the University of Crete. The MSc program is balanced between courses and hands on research experience, with access to high profile research labs both in the UoC and in FORTH.

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the Democritus University of Thrace in cooperation the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos” organized the first in Greece international postgraduate program in Quantum Computers and Quantum Technologies. All courses are taught in English. The M.Sc. program is offered entirely via live distance learning.

As we are half way in the 1st year of the HosMic MSc program, we present you the status of the program and some future directions.

TIME MBE: Technology, Innovation, Management, Entrepreneurship



Presentation of the Program: Scope, Curriculum, Administrative information.


Presentation of the new graduate program on Data Analysis and Machine-Statistical Learning. The program is a collaboration between Univ. of Crete and FORTH.

Description of each module separately of the program Interaction Generative Design.


Elaboration on the objectives of the MSc, highlighting the specialization acquired in the scientific domain of smart technologies and infrastructure across the agri-food supply chain and the protection of the environment.


The webinar will offer a brief overview of the graduate programme titled MA in Gaming and Multimedia Application Development of the Department of Communication and Digital Media of the University of Western Macedonia. The overview will cover the structure of the programme, the main thematics and courses taught, as well as the job opportunities after graduation from the MΑ.


The presentation will discuss the goals of the MLDS program, the courses that are offered, tuition fees, the application process, the selection criteria, and the graduation requirements, as well as the features that set MLDS apart from similar Master programs.


Global Innovation and Sustainability in the Food Industry and Nutrition


Presentation of the MSc program Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, the courses provided and the opportunities given to the students for further professional development and specialisation in the topics that the program covers, with emphasis on international collaboration with Universities and companies worldwide.


The MSc in Biomedical Engineering and Technology of the University of West Attica is a 1.5 year (90 ECTS) postgraduate program that aims to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills for a career change towards the biomedical engineering sector.


The MSc in Cybersecurity is offered exclusively in English and is available in live and distance mode. It is designed for both working professionals and students. It will offer deep knowledge in cyber threats while master the latest and most relevant tools, techniques,strategies, and technologies.

The MSc in Data Science is the first one offered in English by a Greek Public University. It is suitable for STEM graduates, available through distance learning, and interdisciplinary. It combines AI, machine learning, statistics, algorithmics and big data management, including business skills, providing excellent employability prospects.

Information session on the course structure and opportunities from attending the MSc in Digital Healthcare Technologies.


The MSc in e-Business and Digital Marketing aims to provide graduate level studies in e-Business. It is targeted at graduates who wish to acquire expertise in digital technologies and e-business and digital marketing. This course aims at providing balanced and well-designed training in the principles of Information Technology applied to e-Business and Marketing practices, as well as the essential managerial and financing skills needed to start-up and successfully run an e-Business.



The program targets graduates who want to learn more about Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Systems and modern inter-disciplinary concerns in economics, energy, and health. ICT System professionals are always in demand and require technical, managerial, and multidisciplinary expertise from many industries to stand out in today’s employment market.


The MSc in Mobile and Web Computing: Internet of Things Applications aims to provide graduate level education and is targeted towards graduates who wish to broaden their knowledge in the field of Information and Communication Technology Systems and specifically web and mobile applications.


The MSc in Modern Information Technologies and Services is co-organized by the University of Western Macedonia and the University of Piraeus. The MSc program offers two directions of specialization: a) Modern Telecommunication Systems, Internet Technologies, the Internet of Things and Systems Security b) Information Technology and Communication Technologies in Education.

The MSc in Oil and Gas Technology is a new generation of Masters Program that combines Business Engineering Science and Technology (MBEST), which is most wanted in Industry worldwide. It is a highly academic and professional Program with a duration of 3 semesters and a total of 90 ECTS.


Information session on the course structure and opportunities from attending the MSc in Strategic Product Design


The vision of the MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems, is to establish a contemporary master program that can provide every student with the opportunity to pursue their strengths and interests, and to develop strong foundations in the field of sustainability energy systems. To gain a better understanding of the scope and necessity of such a master program the learning outcomes will be presented, emphasizing also to the business-related opportunities that the program is meant to deliver to its students.




Presentation of the innovative MA DigiDCL, based on a combination of an initial bootcamp and a final hackathon, together with blended teaching – all in English. 


Οverview of the European Master in Sport and Exercise Psychology and some of its key characteristics.

  • Assistant Professor Anastasia Litina
  • Assistant Professor Eleftherios Filippiadis


This webinar gives emphasis on the importance of L.R.M. master international online programme. It presents its innovative dimensions. Moreover, it offers useful insights from the Refugee and Intercultural Education field in Greece focusing on the Refugee Hospitality camp, providing valuable feedback from visits in the field.

  • Professor Maria Gavouneli
  • Professor Linos -Alexander Sicilianos
  • Assistant Professor Manolis Perakis
  • Assistant Professor Georgios Kyriakopoulos
  • Assistant Professor Anastasios Gourgourinis


“LL.M. in International and European Law”, taught entirely in English, builds on the very successful LL.M. Programme we have created in the Athens Law School in the past ten years. It is an intensive Master’s Programme, which provides students with an in-depth understanding of International and European Union Law in both their theoretical and practical aspects.

MA in Arts Law and Arts Management

Presentation of the Institution, the premises, the library, the Master Programme, aims and objectives of the Programme, the structure, the core and elective courses, the timetable, the regulations and policies, tuition fees, on line teaching.

LLM in Transnational and European Commercial Law, Banking Law, Arbitration/Mediation

Presentation of the postgraduate programme LLM in Transnational and European Commercial Law, Banking Law, Arbitration/Mediation. Introduction to the syllabus of the postgraduate programme, core and elective courses, scientific collaborations, teaching staff and scientific events.

MSc in Energy Law, Business, Regulation and Policy

Presentation of the interdisciplinary Master Programme in Energy Law, Business, Regulation and Policy, analysis of its structure, content, basic aims and objectives, courses, application and admissions procedure, as well as of the career and network
opportunities offered to our students and alumni. Answering questions prospective students may have.


MA in Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Studies

Presentation of the MA in Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Studies, objectives and structure. Presentation of our educational excavation outside of Thessaloniki and the extra-curriculum activities and opportunities offered by our department.

MA in the Classical Archaeology and the Ancient History of Macedonia

Presentation of the MA in the Classical Archaeology and the Ancient History of Macedonia, objectives and structure. Presentation of our educational excavation outside of Thessaloniki and the extra-curriculum activities and opportunities offered by our department.


The MA offers a solid background to the study of Contemporary Philosophy and Philosophy of Science. It is the only program in Greece to focus on Contemporary Philosophy, both ‘analytic’ and ‘continental’, and one of the few programs worldwide to provide a specialization in the Philosophy of Physical and Social Sciences


Presentation of our English MA, which is designed to respond to the growing demand for high skilled professionals in communication and journalism in vital areas of contemporary concern, offering three distinct cutting-edge pathways: 1) Digital Media Culture and Communication 2) European Journalism 3) Risk Communication and Crisis Journalism



Our two-year MA programme, taught in French, offers two pathways: the Literature and Culture pathway focuses on the study of the relations between French and Greek culture and literature; the Translation pathway focuses on translation history and theory and aims to train translators.


The webinar will present the 2-year long tuition-free English-language M.A. Program in Ottoman History, held in Rethymno, a beautiful Venetian, Ottoman, and Modern Greek town on the island of Crete, Greece, organized in collaboration with the Institute for Mediterranean Studies of the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas.


Southeastern Europe offers a fascinating laboratory for the study of state-building, political and economic transition, war and peace, democratization and democratic backsliding, economic crisis, mass migration and EU Enlargement. Our interdisciplinary programme in the social sciences and humanities examines the region from multiple perspectives and in its 24 years of operation, has attracted students from over 40 countries.

Description and structure of the joint Master’s Degree Protection of Cultural Heritage and Monuments of Nature from the Effects of Climate Change offered by the School of Applied Arts and Sustainable Design of the Hellenic Open University and the Academy of Athens.


Prospective students will be informed of the four MA programs offered by the School of English, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: the MA in Linguistics, the MA in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching, the MA in Language, Literature and Digital Media in Education and the MA in English and American Studies.


The structure of the program; its goals and objectives; how to apply



During this program students would have the opportunity to learn about the epidemiology and prevalence of hypertension as well as the pathophysiology of blood pressure, reported not only in Greece but also worldwide, to follow the pathophysiological pathway leading to primary and secondary hypertension as well as the clinical conditions determining each form of hypertension.
Different types of blood pressure measurement will be also discussed as well as the hypertension during other conditions or diseases. Moreover, epidemiology and prevalence of diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2 will be presented. The pathophysiology of different types of diabetes will be analysed as well as how other cardiovascular risk factors could increase the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Goals of therapy as well as different treatment options (oral and injectable) will be presented. Furthermore, the role of obesity as a new pandemic as well as the sedentary lifestyle and their negative impact on cardiovascular disease will be another part of this course. Also, the importance of lifestyle modification, including weight loss, exercise, and healthy diet. Clinical scenarios will be presented and discussed to offer not only the theoretical knowledge but also the clinical experience with an evidence-based medicine approach.
Also, participants will be taught about the diagnostic evaluation and algorithms for the treatment and follow-up of children and adolescents with cardiovascular risk factors. Most importantly, evidence showing the correlation between different cardiovascular risk factors early in life with the incidence of cardiovascular disease later in life will be analyzed.


Cardiac rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary process for patients recovering after an acute cardiac event or with chronic cardiovascular disease that reduces mortality and morbidity and improves quality of life. The aim of the program is to build an interdisciplinary training with the most current approach in rehabilitation practice and exercise guidance which has an explosive dynamic and is still underdeveloped in most areas across Europe.


A brief presentation of the structure of the above programme , its scope and aims, the divisions it includes (clinical bioethics, research ethics , environmental ethics), the skills acquired.


In this webinar, the presentation of the MSc in Nanomedicine will take place, where the director of the programme, Prof. E. Efstathopoulos, will analyse the scope and purpose of the programme, as well as details of the structure, the curriculum and all the activities that take place during its implementation.’


The Graduate Program “Molecular Basis of Human Diseases” started in 2003, at the Medical School of the University of Crete. It is a full time two-years Program with obligatory attendance in English language, focused in clinical and basic science education. Its aim is to promote translational research by bridging the gap between basic scientists and clinical doctors. An external committee of scientists from abroad is evaluating the Program every five years.


Advanced Aesthetics and Cosmetic Science: Development-Quality Control and Safety of new cosmetic products. The program specializes in: the treatment of aesthetic problems by the Aesthetician with innovative cosmetic products and the use of modern devices of Biomedical Technology to the extent permitted by the current legislation, the development of various cosmetic technical forms quality control, quality assurance, and clinical studies of the safety and efficacy of
cosmetic products


The MSc in Lifestyle Medicine aims to provide specialized knowledge and a rigorous and balanced training in the developing interdisciplinary field of Lifestyle Medicine. Students will gain an advanced understanding and awareness of this field of medicine that addresses research, prevention, treatment, and amelioration of pathology caused by various emerging issues and lifestyle factors.

This is a post-graduate specialty program in Paediatric Dentistry. It is designed to prepare students for patient care in a University dental clinic and in the hospital setting. It is a full time 3-year (6 semesters) program with theoretical/clinical/research duties in the English language, awarding a MSc in Paediatric Dentistry.



Executive MBA

Discover our new up-to-date programme with revised curriculum ‘Executive MBA programme’, the course structure, the academic faculty, the duration/mode, the application process and the unique parallel projects it offers to the Executives (the Business Consultancy Project, the Field Trip and the Professional Skills Development). Learn how you can turn your professional and personal goals into reality.

MSc in Banking, Financial Technology (Fintech) and Risk Management

Discover our new up-to-date programme with revised curriculum ‘MSc in Banking, Financial Technology (Fintech) and Risk Management programme’, the course structure, the academic faculty, the duration/mode, the application process and the unique opportunities it offers to the students (CFA University Recognition Programme, Accredited ACCA programme).

MSc in International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation

Discover our new up-to-date programme with revised curriculum ‘MSc in International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation’, the course structure, the academic faculty, the duration/mode, the application process and the unique opportunities it offers to the students (Strategic Collaboration with Deloitte Greece, Accredited ACCA programme).

The M.Sc. in Marketing & Communication with international orientation is a full time post graduate program taught in English. The curriculum has been especially designed to provide the academic knowledge and the practical skills required for starting a successful professional career in international marketing and communication.

Presentation of the Master in Technology and Innovation Management offered by the Technical University of Crete

Learn more about the MBA International Program (i-MBA) of the Athens University of Economics and Business. I-MBA is an AMBA-accredited, top-ranked, English speaking, vibrant and innovative MBA program that offers a personalized, technology-focused and strongly networked educational experience that empowers the future of its students and alumni.

Presentation of the MSc in Economics which is offered by the Athens University of Economics and Business

The MSc in Financial Management aims to attract students interested in attending a quality master’s program with core orientation in Financial Management, who are also interested in acquiring technical skills in data analytics that will help them resolve corporate problems that require the analysis of large amounts of financial data.


MSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Programme presentation: courses, programmemstructure, teaching mode, teaching methods (business simulation games, data analysis software, consulting project, etc.)

MSc in Management

Programme presentation: courses, programme structure, teaching mode, teaching methods (business simulation games, data analysis software, consulting project, etc.)

We will discuss the main challenges emerging in modern supply chains in a rapidly changing global environment and will show how the MSc Program in SCM of the HOU aims to address them by training top-level professionals whose ambition is to become world leaders in the area of SCM.


The presentation will provide an overview of the programme and its structure, benefits obtained and entry requirements.


The webinar will present the purpose and objectives of the new MSc in “Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship”, the audience it addresses, the program’s structure and duration, a brief description of the courses and the career prospects of its graduates.

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