SiG to operate under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports

“We must look for man wherever we can find him. When on his way to Thebes Oedipus encountered the Sphinx, his answer to its riddle was: «Man». That simple word destroyed the monster.”

Giorgos Seferis – passage from his Nobel Prize of Literature acceptance speech


As the tradition of the Enlightenment perceives it – the highest goal in life is to inquire and create, to search the richness of the past and try to internalize the parts that are significant to us and carry that quest for understanding further in our own way. Hence, education without culture is like a forest without trees.

Εducation and culture are two inseparable parameters and they are interdependent. Any educational pattern gets its guidance from the cultural patterns of a society. Construed through this prism, the role of education relates to the achievement of moral and eternal values of life.

Created to promote Greek Higher Education abroad, and engaged in a cross-cultural educational exchange and cooperation with international institutions and organizations, Study in Greece is establishing a new important collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports. Aspiring to reconcile the world of innovation with the world of tradition, this synergy is setting up a multidimensional framework where modern education mingles with cultural immersion.

With the continuous support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, SiG will have the opportunity to promote Greek Higher Education in a more attractive and substantial way. Foreign students interested in our country will be provided with the opportunity to combine their studies in Greece with the discovery of the country’s civilization and history in various ways such as participation in excavations and restorations of historical monuments and artifacts, guided tours to archeological sites, visits to museums, as well as to explore the soul of Greece through theater and music by attending or by taking part in the wide range of festivals organized in Greece every year.

Being a place where the past is always present, Greece has the potential to intertwine the world of technology and cutting-edge research with the world of ideas and arts, by capitalizing on its rich cultural heritage.

Living in a crucial age of transition, we believe that the main goal of Greek and international education is to produce individuals who can appreciate the cultural achievements of the past to shape the future of society and to create a better world.

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