SiG launches online application platform

On Tuesday 3/5/2023, Study in Greece launched the new online application platform @SiG (Apply to Study in Greece – AtSiG). This comprehensive system will streamline the application process for international study programs across all academic levels, including Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Summer Courses.

@SiG enables program secretariats to efficiently manage applications and provide direct feedback to students. Moreover, universities gain access to valuable statistical data, such as program demand, subject areas, and country of origin. This data empowers universities to enhance their programs and make informed decisions.

In addition, based on the information provided by the platform, an application will be created for recording and communicating with international alumni of Greek universities, thus creating a wide network of “ambassadors” of Greece abroad.

Adhering to international standards like UCAS, @SiG serves as a unified system that grants access to university secretariats and candidate evaluators. Candidates benefit from a simplified application process by creating a single profile and uploading relevant documents once, enabling them to apply to multiple programs. This innovative approach eliminates the need for separate applications to different institutions via various information systems.

The platform has been developed by Study in Greece in collaboration with the Greek Universities in order to respond to the procedures and possible specificities and differentiations of each program. It can be also used for Greek-language programs (except for the Undergraduate programs), while in the next phase the interoperability with the student records of the departments and other platforms will be implemented, so that there is no need to re-register the information.

@SiG is an integral part of Study in Greece’s digital ecosystem, supporting the internationalization of Greek universities and establishing Greece as a prominent international study destination.

For more information and access to the platform, please visit:

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