SiG at the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair

Study in Greece is honored to participate in the 85th International Fair of Thessaloniki  – the greatest exhibition event in Greece, which is being held physically from 11-19.9 in Thessaloniki. Being the first major Exhibition to be organized in Europe in 2021, the 85th TIF is dedicated to Greece. The 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution calls us to remember our past, and provides us, as well, an occasion to imagine the future of our country. Higher Education constitutes a vital sector which has to be rethought in the framework of the modern interconnected global environment. Internationalization, extroversion, openness and innovation are some of the main rationales that lead to the reconceptualization of the objectives of Greek Higher Education.

From this perspective, Study in Greece’s first participation in the TIF signals the beginning of a new era for the action as well as for the internationalization of the Greek Universities. Aimed at raising awareness about its various initiatives that boost the internationalization and extroversion of the Greek Higher Education Institutions, SiG presence in this year’s Fair was much appreciated by the State and the public. The action’s contribution to the upgrade of the international profile of Greek Higher Education, and its coordinated efforts to promote Greek Universities abroad are embraced by the Greek society, and inspire a new vision for the future of Greek Higher Education.

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