Study in Greece and Chengdu Delegation Discuss Potential Cooperation in Education

On April 24th, 2023, Study in Greece extended a warm welcome to a distinguished delegation  from Chengdu, China, headed by Lin Nan, Vice Mayor of Chengdu Municipal People’s  Government, and Huang Tao, Deputy Director-General of Chengdu Municipal Foreign Affairs  Office, among other notable members. The delegation was received with great hospitality by  Study in Greece’s Chairman, Prof. Christos Michalakelis, SiG’s Academic Director, Dr. Theodoros  Papaioannou, and SiG’s Regional Manager of Asia, Diana Zhong. The meeting fostered an  amiable and productive dialogue, with both parties presenting their current status and  expectations regarding education and exploring promising avenues for collaboration. 

Study in Greece is the national agency of Greece entrusted with the internationalization of Higher  Education, the promotion of Greek universities, and international student services. Supported by  four Greek Ministries, namely Education and Religious Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Culture and Sports,  and Tourism, SiG is fully backed by the Greek State. SiG’s mission is to enhance the international  awareness and influence of Greek higher education by means of international student and faculty  exchange programs, international short-term programs, and international JDD degree programs,  

among others, while attracting more international students to come to Greece to study and  experience the rich and historical culture. 

Chengdu, located in the central part of Sichuan Province, China, stands as a national central city  and a hub of logistics, commerce, finance, technology, culture, education, transportation, and  communication in Southwest China. As one of the earliest historical and cultural cities of national  importance, Chengdu has earned the reputation of the “Land of Abundance.” Chengdu and  Athens enjoy the sister-city status, and the leaders of Chengdu voiced their unwavering  commitment to reinforcing cooperation with Greece in education, laying the foundation for the  future internationalization of education between Chengdu and Greece. 

After the fruitful meeting, both sides exchanged gifts, symbolizing their promising and fruitful  cooperation.

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