“Safety for Journalists” Training School

The developments at the European and global level and the need for the mass media to send people to war zones to cover the events, makes their training necessary. Those who work in the media are called upon to both inform the public about what is happening during the war and to protect themselves. The program combines training from people who have covered war zones or crisis situations with the expertise of military professionals. The program is structured around keynote presentations by distinguished experts, roundtable discussions and intensive on-site training. The course will be delivered in a mixed-methods teaching style and includes lectures, discussion, field training, a policy workshop and practical training.

The program aims to train and prepare those that intent covering events in war zones. In particular, its purpose is to train the participants for the preparation they should do before their departure, to equip them with the necessary knowledge to cope with the difficulties they have to face while they are in the field and finally, to inform them about issues, such as post-traumatic stress, which will need to be managed upon their return. The program will provide participants with theoretical and practical training.

Applications are submitted online until to 22/08/2022


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