Летние/Зимние Школы

We are happy to present you our 2020-2021 summer schools catalogue, offering the opportunity to international students to visit Greece over a short term study abroad program, live in a Greek city, study together with their Greek mates, meet Greek academics, learn about the opportunity to study in Greece in an English taught course, learn the history and the traditions of the country and enjoy cultural excursions all over Greece.

The programs offered draw from a wide variety of disciplines thanks to the multiple collaborations obtained. Some of the fields of study covered are architecture, classical philosophy, theater, archaeology, history, art and ecology, often through an interdisciplinary approach, studied in relation to contemporary technologies and tools of the digital era. All programs draw from the Greek experience, either as a source of knowledge or as lens through which the subject is examined.

If you wish to propose us a program which isn’t included in our list, do not hesitate to contact us.

Combining reflection, recreation and creativity, Study in Greece écoles d’été – Summer Schools for French speakers, provide a scientific as well as poetic environment of fruitful dialogue between different disciplines, create a framework which mingles the classical with the modern and offer to French speakers the opportunity to visit Greece and discover the particular and eternal spirit of its civilization.