Annual Conference: Research Committee 21 of the ISA – International Sociological Association, Athens (24-27/08/2022)

Harokopio University opened its doors to host the Annual Conference of Research Committee 21 of the International Sociological Association, which was the first conference of RC21 in Greece, but also the first to be organized with physical presence after the pandemic. The first conference on Urban & Regional Development took place on August 24 at the National and Technical University of Athens, whereas on August 25 and 26 the conference was hosted by Harokopio University and concluded at various points of interest in Athens on August 27.
After 2 years of pandemic Harokopio University welcomed 500 professors of all ages from all over the world to its premises.
The subject of this year’s conference was “Ordinary Cities in Exceptional Times”, with an emphasis on the perception and meaning of normality and exceptional circumstances in a world that moves at an ever-increasing speed, facing predictable and non-predictable problems, and on how these situations can be regulated (policy) in different regions of the world, under harsh conditions, unequal resources, divergent paths and history.
It is worth mentioning that the company RC21 was founded in 1970, and is one of the largest and most dynamic Research Committees of the ISA. Its annual conference is a very important event for organizations, researchers and individuals interested in urban and regional development.
Heartfelt congratulations to the Professor of the Department of Geography, Mr. Thomas Maloutas who was the key factor in ensuring the absolute success of the conference, as well as to the group of people involved in the organization of the conference, and to all volunteers for their continuous presence and efforts.

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