MatSiG Mobility Action Individual

MatSiG Account

Create your MatSiG account by visiting and clicking login from the menu bar.

Sign in with a social account or select register to create a new account on MatSiG. If you already have an account, sign in using your email and password.

matsig login menu
matsig select profile type

From the next screen (Profile type) choose MatSiG Profile type.

Then fill any details if needed. An organization is not required for Mobility Action Individual type of MatSiG.

You can edit your profile anytime, by navigating to “Account options”, then selecting “My Profile”.

Create a new MatSiG.

From the “Account Options” menu, navigate to “Dashboard” to get a nice overview of the provided features.

To create a new MatSiG, locate the “MatSiGs” card and click on the + icon.

matsig dashboard
matsig categories

There are multiple categories to choose from. The one we are looking for is the “Mobility Action Individual”

Fill in the required information to create your MatSiG. For better visibility to appropriate people, we suggest using the following pattern as a title:

Name Surname – Visiting Professors/Visiting Researchers Program – MINEDU

In the keywords section add: Greece, minedu, combined with others of your choice.

Information about the program can be found here.

create matsig

Do not forget to check for available Mobility Action Host MatSiGs. Click search, then on the explore by category menu, select Mobility Action Host.

Expect soon to be added offers from Greek Universities, but do not skip on creating your Mobility Action Individual MatSiG. There is no limit in the number of MatSiGs created even on the same category.

search matsig categories
express interest

When in a MatSiG you are interested in, there is one final step. Express your interest in it by clicking the green button.

Get to know ITHACA

Apart from this particular call, the Greek Academic community and the Greek State periodically announce calls, seeking to support networking between the Greek and the international academic communities. You are encouraged to subscribe to ITHACA, the International Hellenic Academia world, the electronic platform developed by Study in Greece to host information of Greeks who live and work abroad, as well as non-Greeks who are closely connected to ancient and modern Greece, or wish so.

Visit ITHACA on and click login. If you have already registered on MatSiG, use the same account on ITHACA too.

If there is no Login menu item, but the “My Account” one, that means you are already logged in.

While being logged in, click here to create your ITHACA profile.

Ithaca index
ithaca dashboard no profile

Click “Create Profile” to create your ITHACA profile.

Keep in mind that although you logged in with the same account, ITHACA is a different system, so you need to create a profile there too.

Fill in the required information for your ITHACA profile.

Do not forget to subscribe to the ITHACA newsletter in order to receive useful information.

In the profile type option select one of the three options. Academic, business or both, depending on your current professional status.

create ithaca profile

ITHACA and MatSiG back and forth

Ithaca dashboard to matsig

ITHACA and MatSiG are tightly connected to each other.

Having your ITHACA profile created, scroll down on your dashboard, where you will find the option to navigate to MatSiG.

On the other hand, when in your  MatSiG dashboard, scroll down to find the connection* to ITHACA.

*This option is activated only if you have created your ITHACA profile.

matsig dashboard to ithaca


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