Pangrati: One of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world!

Known for its urban ambience yet its charm which leaves you feeling as if you’ve stumbled across a secret, Pangrati was always a favourite amongst the art and politics circles, also attracting visiting students due to its central location next to all of Athens’ vibrant life.

According, at least, to Time Out’s new list, Pangrati belongs to the 51 coolest neighborhoods in the world.

In fact, the Athenian district comes in at number 39 on the list and among other things, what makes it stand out for the medium is “being a magnet for the creative types who gather in the hip bars of Pangrati, where you’ll hear everything, from rock and blues to hip-hop, but also its restaurants that have swept the last few years.”

Despite its proximity to central Athens and the Panathenaic Stadium – home to the first modern Olympic Games – the neighbourhood has always flown under the tourist radar. But where once it was considered bland, today it’s a magnet for creative types who flock to its hip bars, blasting everything from rock and blues to hip hop, and to the artisanal restaurants that have swept in over recent years. Do yourself a favour and wind your way through the narrow alleyways and diverse streets: a curious mix of neoclassical and modern architecture lined with bohemian cafés, with occasional views of the mountains that surround the city. No matter which corner you turn, you’re likely to end up at one of the many squares: central meeting points for locals and welcome respites from the traffic-filled streets.

See the whole list following the list below:

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