NTUA’s laser group among the first successful EIC transition projects: From Lab to Fab

The project “L2D2 – Laser digital transfer of 2D materials enabled photonics: from the lab 2 the fab”, coordinated by the National Technical University of Athens and Prof. Ioanna Zergioti,  head of the group of Materials and Laser Micro-Processing, School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, ranked among the first successful European Innovation Council (EIC) transition proposals.

EIC Transition funds innovation activities that go beyond the experimental proof of principle in laboratory, to support the innovation’s commercialization and application in real world environment.

L2D2 will use laser pulses to transfer 2D materials in a digital manner for the next generation of microelectronic and photonic chips.

For detailed information follow the link below: https://eic.ec.europa.eu/news/commission-selects-first-eic-transition-projects-take-breakthrough-technologies-lab-real-world-2022-01-17_en

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