New international distinction for the Scenography / Costume Laboratory of the School of Fine Arts of Florina – University of Western Macedonia

New international distinction for the Laboratory of Scenography / Costume Design, of the School of Fine Arts of the University of Western Macedonia, with the participation of four students after an international competition, in the Scenography / Costume Exhibition organized by the online platform School of Scenography.

Giouli Doukas, Anastasis Mekeridis, Maria Panagiotopoulos, and Anta Bibiri’s scenographic and costume design studies were selected to participate in the online exhibition on the opera La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi, organized by the School of Scenography platform next March in London, if conditions allow it.

Giouli Douka and Anastasis Mekeridi’s works are based on historical buildings and areas of the city of Florina such as the building of Agia Olga and the City Hall building. The students’ studies place the stage action of the works in these historic buildings, connecting the local element with the international artistic tradition.

The scenographic and costume studies of the students were the result of artistic research within the didactic modules Scenography / Costume Design for Opera and Scenography / Costume Design for the Local Opera Performance.

The works of the exhibition are available on the following websites:

Facebook: School of Scenography

Instagram: @schoolofscenography

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