New 6-year Medical Degree (English taught) by AUTH

offered by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Being one of the largest Greek Universities, with a long tradition covering a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki launches its first 6-year Medical Degree in English.

The event is of great importance as it’s the first time that the distinguished School of Medicine of AUTH opens its doors to English speaking students from all over the world.

International students will be given the opportunity to explore the rich and crucial field of Medicine, by delving into the world of scientific education and research under the guidance of leading educators of the sector.

Plus, the Programme is ideal for those who want to study Medicine in the place of its origin, as the echo of Ancient Greek pioneers of the field will inspire and guide the young ones who envision a bright career.

The main goal of the School is to educate medical students as well as to provide health professionals with the highest scientific standards.

A student of this Programme will participate in various research Programmes of the Laboratories and Medical Departments.

In order to obtain the Medical Degree students are required to complete 83 modules (76 courses and 7 courses – clinical traineeships).

For more information regarding the philosophy as well as the admission requirements and the applications, please visit the Programme’s official website:

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