MSc in Media & Refugee / Migration Flows

The MSc in Media and Refugee / Migration Flows is an intensive and interdepartmental postgraduate programme, taught in English at the National and Kapodistrian University in two (2) academic semesters and includes a Summer School.


Submit your application material for the postgraduate programme “MSc in Media & Refugee / MIgration Flows” until the following deadlines:

Deadline for applicants of countries outside of the EU/EEA: 03/08/2021

Deadline for applicants of EU/EEA countries: 30/08/2021


The programme aims to provide students with interdisciplinary expertise on the contemporary presentation of the refugee/migration subject and to gain an in-depth understanding of related media coverage. It is designed for students aspiring to adapt skills and competencies on communication management for a career in “old” or “new” media, within the public, private, or non-profit sector. Graduates will be equipped with substantive academic knowledge on the social and political implications of cross-border refugee / migration flows, adapt critical research skills and are able to improve their linguistic competences.


This Master programme offers a unique multi-disciplinary, flexible, and integrated curriculum via two specializations:

(1) “News media of refugee flows”, which will focus on the need to gain a more in depth knowledge on news coverage of refugee / migration flows over the last decade in Greece and in the Western Balkan countries, the relationship between new technologies and journalism, the formation of European and national policies on social inclusion, the exploitation of social networks by international organizations, host countries, the use of social networks sites by the target group (refugees / immigrants), the ways of ICT use from both sides (host and country of origin), human networks and their influences, social solidarity networks, the various movements at national and European level and the way they are presented by the mass media at national, European and international level;

and (2) “Communication management of refugee/migration flows”, which will present cases related to European and national policies for the socio-economic integration of refugees /immigrants, their presentation in the mass media, the possibilities of raising funds and presenting good practices, as well as address issues of public relations, two-way communication process and development of relationships between the organizations and communities (refugees/migrants) and analyze ways of communicating the problems and barriers regarding the inclusion or refoulement where it is necessary and the ways and techniques of approaching such subjects will be analyzed within the course.

Both specializations actively facilitate the interaction with academics from Europe and beyond, established professionals, such as journalists, reporters, public employees, and representatives of NGOs active in the field. A summer school held in Mytilene on the Greek island Lesvos provides students with the unique opportunity to research and exchange with NGOs active in the Hotspot via a range of workshops, seminars and events. It will offer students with personal and professional competencies and experiences required in the field of media, research and refugee/migration management.

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