“MORIAS ’21”: Invitation to all Greeks to meet this year in the Peloponnese through 21 routes inspired by the Revolution

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Through 21 thematic routes, the cultural tourism program “MORIAS ’21” connects emblematic cities of the Peloponnese, highlights the history of the place and the role of each city in the Struggle for Independence
The Captain Vasilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation and , have introduced the Morias ’21 program,
 an initiative that aims to honor the bicentennial of the 1821 Greek Revolution.

Through the initiative, the foundation this year invites Greeks from around the world to meet in the Peloponnese and revive the historic moments of the Greek Revolution through thematic routes, experiential and interactive experiences.

The program took its name from the peninsula of the Peloponnese, which during the late Middle Ages and the Ottoman era was known as “Morias”.

Under the hashtag #kEgoStoMoria meaning “I will also be in Morias” in Greek, the Morias ’21 program will unveil the strong connection of the Peloponnese with the Greek Revolution through 21 thematic routes to 11 destinations including eight emblematic cities as well as villages, castles, monasteries and historic battle fields in Mani, KalamataCorinthMonemvasiaNafplionPylos and Tripoli.

Speaking to reporters during a press event, the foundation’s president Achilleas Konstantakopoulos revealed that the journey will be complemented by a number of activities focusing on history, art, gastronomy and nature.

The scientific documentation of the program has been undertaken by the University of Peloponnese, with the coordination of Professor Nikolaos Zacharias and peer review documentation Professor Thanos Veremis and Professor Thanasis Christou. The actions of the program will begin to unfold gradually in the coming period.

Experiential activities

The Morias ’21 program will roll out through the following experiential activities:

  • * History
    With the use of the latest technology and state-of-the-art audiovisual material, the program will digitally revive paintings related to the Greek revolution created by Greek and foreign artists. Their presentation will be combined with narrations about the Revolution and its people.
  • * Art
    A number of artists will make graffiti inspired by the Greek Revolution and its heroes in selected cities of the Peloponnese.
  • * Gastronomy
    Greek chef Lefteris Lazarou has created a menu inspired by the culinary habits of the fighters of the Greek Revolution that will be available in restaurants of the Peloponnese.
  • * Nature

The program has located Morias’ centuries-old trees and will promote 27 of them that are connected with some of the Revolution’s most historic moments. Each tree will feature special signage.


Morias ’21 takes place under the auspices of Greece 2021, the organizing committee of the bicentennial celebrations.

This program is one of those special efforts that aspire to revive history in a unique modern, creative way. It invites visitors to live a holistic and multi-dimentional experience that combines thematic routes with emblematic cities and points of interest of the Peloponnese, connected with the Greek Revolution,” Greece 2021 President Gianna Angelopoulou-Daskalaki mentioned during the press event.

The Rector of the University of Peloponnese and Professor of the Department of Social and Educational Policy, Athanasios Katsis underlined in his speech the relationship between the Peloponnese and the Struggle for Independence and stated that “The University of Peloponnese is very proud to have its headquarters in the most historic region of the country.”
The program’s strategic partners also include the Region of the Peloponnese, the municipalities of Eastern and Western Mani, Kalamata, Corinth, Monemvasia, Nafplion, Pylos-Nestoros, Tripolis, Messini, Oihalia and Tryfilia.

The Initiative 1821-2021, created by the National Bank of Greece and some of the country’s most prestigious scientific and cultural bodies, also supports the program.

Furthermore, the program is coordinated and managed by Discover Greek Culture, a cultural tourism company.

More details on the initiative will be announced on the Morias ’21 website (www.morias21.com), which will launch on June 10.

Source: https://www.iefimerida.gr/politismos/programma-politistikoy-toyrismoy-stin-peloponniso


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