Mediterranean Lifestyle Summer School

                              1st International Post-Graduate Summer School,

“The Science and Art of the Traditional Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine: An Experiential Approach”

Organized by the Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Institute.

Location: Kos and Leros, Greece.

Date: June 27 to July 5, 2022.

The program aims to introduce this traditional lifestyle pattern to students and health professionals of the modern era.

The unique aspect of this program is the use of experiential, hands-on activities as the main learning mode. We will incorporate the Socratic style of learning, including walk and talk delivery (using audio mics), rather than traditional lectures and seminars. Observing traditional practices, (limited) theoretical presentations, and group workshops will also be used.

Who can participate: a) Health professionals such as nutritionists, exercise physiologists, psychologists, addiction specialists, sleep therapists, athletic trainers, physicians, nurses, osteopaths, chiropractors, and other professionals that are interested on the effect that the environment and our lifestyles have on our quality of life. b) Graduates or advanced-stage students of medical and health-related disciplines.

For more information and registrations, please visit:

                                                        Program’s Brochure

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