MA “Migration Studies” – Call for Applications

The University of the Aegean and the Department of Sociology announce the operation of the English-language Master’s Program “Migration Studies: Management Of Migratory And Refugee Flows In Europe”, for the academic year 2024-25. The MA Program offers a comprehensive approach to migration and forced displacement through an interdisciplinary prism, touching on one of the most pressing and important issues in modern history.

The MA program focuses on one of the most urgent and intriguing areas of study in the global academic community as it offers valuable knowledge and in-depth analysis of the migration and refugee phenomenon. It constitutes an integrated educational framework at the level of postgraduate studies, with its rich subject matter, international collaborations and the valuable experience offered by guided fieldwork.

Our postgraduate students are required to carry out Field Research and Practical Programs with an emphasis on the Vulnerability Criteria of Asylum Seekers and Mobile Social Groups, in accordance with our Program Guide and the current EU legislation, which is coordinated by our Field Exercise Officer and is implemented in collaboration with liaising agencies. Field Research and Practical Programs with an Emphasis on the Vulnerability Criteria of Asylum Seekers and Mobile Social Groups is a compulsory course offered in the 3rd semester.

The Program is based on the interdisciplinary collaboration of distinguished scientists (sociologists, lawyers, anthropologists, psychologists, physicians, epidemiologists, international studies experts, and economists) from Greece and abroad, with the participation of officials and representatives of organizations with long-term experience and action in the field. It is addressed to students but also to professionals who are active in the field and wish to expand their knowledge and delve into the pressing issue of the migratory paths of various populations. It is also offered for the further academic development of those who wish to undertake humanitarian action, as well as workers in the field of health and mental health sciences, in order to familiarize themselves with the multidimensionality of the phenomenon, critical theories and also practical aspects in managing human mobility in a constantly and rapidly changing social environment.

Placing at the center of its academic program the deeper understanding of the phenomenon of migration, the necessity of supporting the integration process of refugees and immigrants, as well as highlighting the opportunities that arise from the perpetual and inexhaustible flow of people over the centuries, the Program focuses on key aspects related to the phenomenon of forced displacement, with an emphasis on its psychosocial character and the multidimensionality of the integration process.
More specifically, the MA aims to analyze:

  • the contemporary trends of immigration in the specific the social, political and historical context
  • migration as a discourse and as a narrative and the influence of public actors in shaping it
  • critical analysis of inclusion policies and exclusion practices
  • the refugee experience through personal narratives and testimonies, analyzing the refugee and immigrant journey through space and time
  • the social implications of the formation of the identity of refugees and immigrants
  • vulnerable population groups such as refugee minors and victims of torture and risk and protection factors
  • the Sociology of Health of mobile populations and the adoption of good cultural mediation practices
  • the elementary principles of statistical demography and field epidemiology

Admission Criteria
The MA Program “Management Of Migratory And Refugee Flows In Europe” is addressed to the following:

  • University Graduates of the country or recognized equivalent institutions abroad.
  • Graduates from the Higher Military Educational Institutions (ASEI) (articles 1 and 88 of Law 3883/2010 – Official Gazette 167/Α΄/24.09.2010)
  • Graduates from the Greek Police Officers School (par. 5 article 38 Law 4249/2014 – Official Gazette 73/Α΄/24.03.2014)
  • Graduates from the School of Fire Department/Fire Academy (par. 14 article 69 Law 4249/2014 2014 – Gazette 73/Α΄/24.03.2014)
  • Graduates from the Coast Guard Cadet Ensign School – Hellenic Coast Guard (S.D.S.L.S. – EL.AKT.) (article 1 PD 75/2018 – Official Gazette 145/Α΄/07.08.2018).

Also, students who have not received their degree yet from national institutions are accepted, provided that they have completed their obligations and present a relevant certificate by the date of examination of their candidacy by the Three-Member Committee of the P.M.S.

The curriculum
The teaching of the courses is carried out entirely by distance learning. The duration for the awarding of the Postgraduate Diploma of Specialization (P.D.E.) is three (3) semesters and offers our students 90 ECTS credits in total.

Courses per semester:


183-2022-01Humanitarian Law And Human Rights Obligatory7,5
183-2022-02Medical Anthropology And Population Mobility. Best Practices In Health Intercultural MediationObligatory7,5
183-2023-03History of MigrationsObligatory 7,5
183-2022-04 Basic Principles In Statistics, Epidemiology And Demography In Migration Studies
Total ECTS 30


183-2022-05Migration and Asylum Polices In Greece And In The EU, Securing Refugee And Migrant Rights Obligatory7,5
183-2022-06Migrant Integration Polices in Praxis Obligatory7,5
183-2022-07Crime And Crime Policy In Forced Migration Obligatory7,5
183-2022-08Immigration as Discourse Obligatory7,5
Total ECTS30


183-2022-09Master ThesisObligatory20
183-2023-10Field Research and Practical Projects focusing on the Vulnerability Criteria of Asylum Seekers and displaced social groups.Obligatory10
Total ECTS30

The courses are held in English. Some lectures by visiting professors are held in other European languages with the provision of interpretation into English.

Starting dates
The start of the MA courses is scheduled to take place on Monday 7 October 2024 and the completion of the Program in February 2026.

Cost of Studies
The total cost of studies amounts to 3,500.00 euros which is paid in three (3) installments as follows:

  • 1st installment with registration in the 1st semester (1500.00),
  • 2nd installment with registration in the 2nd semester (1000.00),
  • 3rd installment with registration in the 3rd semester (1000.00).

Submission of Applications
Interested parties are invited to submit the following supporting documents exclusively to the “Nautilus” MA online application system:

  • Application Form (this is for filling out the form online at
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Photocopy of degree/diploma or Certificate of Completion of Studies
  • Certificate of Analytical Grades of undergraduate courses where the degree/diploma grades and average will be indicated.
  • Photocopy of both sides of the police ID (in the additional information field)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • C2 level English language certificate (If the relevant certificate is not available, then the candidate will be tested in English during the interview).
  • Language certificates of another foreign language (if any)
  • Publications in peer-reviewed journals (if any)
  • Evidence of professional or research activity (if any)
  • Thesis (if any)
  • Photo in digital format
  • For the attachment of additional files and the ID card, please after saving them in a single compressed file in zip format, upload them in the “Upload additional item” field: User manual

The intended number of admitted students is set at a maximum of fifty (50).

Selection of postgraduate students process:
a) Assessment of the qualifications of the candidates according to the uploaded application files
b) Oral interview during which the scientific training of the candidates is evaluated in terms of their ability to follow an interdisciplinary study program, strictly oriented to the knowledge field of European studies.

Indicative remote oral interview dates: September 2-3, 2024.

The schedule of the interviews is announced exclusively by posting it on the MA website

Candidates must be informed about this through the above website.

Deadline for submission of electronic applications: July 14, 2024, time 11:59 pm

For any additional information, interested parties can contact tel. 22510 36504-525 and email:

The announcement, the application form and all relevant information have been posted on the website of the MA program online address.

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