Athens & Epidaurus Festival

Greece’s foremost cultural festival and one of the oldest performing arts festivals in Europe (1955), the Athens & Epidaurus Festival annually presents numerous theatre, dance, and music artists, acclaimed in Greece and worldwide, attracting large audiences from around the world. Held at the most prestigious venues of Athens and Epidaurus, the Festival constitutes the annual rebirth of the Greek spirit. The institution’s principal aim is to combine the Greek classical ontology with modern tendencies in arts, so as to introduce its visitors to a magical world and to provide them as well with alternative means of understanding of the contemporary reality.

It goes without saying that Athens & Epidaurus Festival is a must go for everyone who visits Greece, especially for art lovers and researchers in the field of Humanities.

Philippi Festival

Festival Philippon made first appearance in 1957, at the ancient theater of Northern Greece, and from 1984 it is the Municipality of Kavala along with the Municipal Theater of Northern Greece that held the organization of the festival. Since then, it takes place every summer (July, August) and includes theater, music, and modern dance performances. The festival has its own character and particular way to connect the Greek cultural tradition with the artistic waves of modernity. 

Philippi Festival is strongly recommended as it offers us the occasion to discover Northern Greece and its vibrant culture.   

Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Established in 1960, Thessaloniki International Film Festival remains in the centre of the Greek film production and provides the means of promoting great film producers. In November of each year, Thessaloniki becomes the centre of international filmmaking. Great Greek and foreign artists, acknowledged filmmakers and newcomers arrive in large numbers to compete on their art, adding to the everlasting glamour of the capital of Northern Greece. Being the most important Film Festival in southeast Europe, Thessaloniki International Film Festival invites us to breath its unique atmosphere.

Kalamata Dance Festival  

Kalamata – the City of Contemporary Dance hosts every summer the International Dance Festival in the city’s Dance Centre. The Festival aims to promote and support Greek presence in the field of contemporary dance as well as to build bridges to international dance creativity. Wide range of trends in contemporary dance and large audiences of dance lovers create an enchanting environment and are looking forward to guide us in the amazing world of dance.