Athens Transport Tickets and Cards

With an urban population of more than 4 million people, Athens – the capital of Greece – is the 4th most populous capital in the E.U. with a large, modern mass transit system to serve the needs of residents and visitors. It consists of:

  • City buses
  • Electric trolley-buses
  • Athens Metro
  • Athens Tram, and
  • Athens Suburban railway.


You can use the public transport network of Athens using the ATH.ENA TICKET and ATH.ENA CARD.

ATH.ENA TICKET is the new ticket used for Athens transport. It is made of paper, slightly larger than a standard ticket, but also includes an RFID tag so that the transactions (issue-validation) are done wirelessly.

ATH.ENA TICKET is not a one-time ticket. It can be “recharged” again and again with any of the available fare products through ticket offices or automated machines and used for journeys until it gets damaged.

ATH.ENA CARD is a plastic rechargeable card that can be used many times.

There are 3 new types of Athens Transport tickets and cards:

  • The Ath.ena Ticket 
  • The personalized Ath.ena Card 
  • The anonymous Ath.ena Card


The Ath.ena Ticket at a glance:

  • Paper rechargeable ticket that can be used again and again as long as it remains in good condition. 
  • Ath.ena Ticket can be charged and recharged with products varying from a “90-minute ticket for all modes” to 5-day tickets. 
  • Airport transfer tickets and 3-day tourist tickets are available as well. 
  • Ath.ena Ticket can be bought from and recharged at all Athens transport ticket offices as well as automatic ticket issuing machines. 
  • Half-priced Ath.ena Tickets are available but only from Athens transport ticket offices.


The anonymous Ath.ena Card at a glance:

  • Plastic rechargeable card that can be used more than once. 
  • The anonymous Ath.ena Card can be charged and recharged with products varying from a “90-minute ticket for all modes to 5-day tickets. 
  • Airport transfer tickets and 3-day tourist tickets available as well. 
  • When a new anonymous Ath.ena Card is bought, it has to be charged with a bundle of five 90-minute tickets for all modes, or any other ticket product costing at least €4.5. 
  • The anonymous Ath.ena Card can be bought only from Athens Transport ticket offices. It can be recharged at the Athens Transport Ticket offices as well as the automatic ticket issuing machines. 
  • There are no half-priced ticket products available through the anonymous Ath.ena Card.


The personalized Ath.ena Card at a glance

  • Plastic rechargeable card that can be used again and again.
  • It bears the photo and name of the passenger it belongs to. 
  • The personalized Ath.ena Card can be charged and recharged with all Athens transport products varying from “One 90-minute ticket for all modes” to 365-day tickets.
  • Personalized Ath.ena Cards are issued empty and can be charged by their owners with any ticket product they wish. 
  • Cards are issued at most -but not all- Athens transport ticket offices. An online application can speed up the issuing process. 
  • To issue a personalized Ath.ena Card, a Greek ID card and an AMKA certificate is required. Alternatively, for non Greek citizens, personalized Ath.ena Cards can be issued with a passport.
  • Cards can be charged and recharged at Athens Transport ticket offices, ticket issuing machines and online using a smartphone or tablet with NFC technology. 
  • Personalized Ath.ena Cards that can be charged with half-priced products are available as well. 


All of the above types of tickets

  • Can be bought regardless of when they are going to be used. Any ticket product is valid with the first “touch in” of the card. 
  • Ticket products that aren’t used remain indefinitely inside the Ath.ena Card or Ath.ena Ticket and can be used in the future as long as the ticket or card remains in a good condition. 
  • All types of tickets can’t be bought online at the moment. However, personalized Ath.ena Cards can be charged and recharged online.


Useful tips for the electronic ticket

  • Keep your card or ticket protected in a case or wallet to avoid physical damage.
  • Make sure your card or ticket contains the minimum fare or amount required for your move. 
  • If your card or ticket is rejected on one of the validators, wait until the light stops blinking and then try again.
  • The station gates are always validated in the reader on the right-hand side.
  • Do not bend or cut your card or ticket. 
  • Do not hold more than one card or ticket at a time over the validation machines.
  • Do not remove the card from the validation machines before reading is complete. 
  • The use of the personalized card is done exclusively by the recipient. 
  • Do not enter 2 people at the station gates at the same time. 
  • If you accompany children under 6 years of age or carry luggage, use the disabled gate.


For more information visit www.athenstransport.com