Greek Academic ID

Benefits for Greek Academic ID Holder

All Greece’s Higher Education Institutions students are entitled to obtain the academic ID upon online application. The online platform for getting an academic ID is provided by the Ministry of Education, Lifelong
Learning, and Religions with the technical support of the National Research and Technology Network (GRNET) on http://paso.minedu.gov.gr. The academic ID card is a strong, flexible card with anti-fraud protection. In
addition, it is designed to be valid for as long as the student maintains the student status. Students can collect their  ID cards at designated delivery points; each can select the delivery point which is more
convenient to him/her during the submission of his/her application, without any financial burden. The academic ID card is also distributed as a digital copy by downloading a PKPASS file for Android and Apple. Academic ID card holders are entitled to discount fare products provided by the public transport organization OASA SA. To use their entitlement, students must issue a personalized ATH.ENA CARD by applying online through OASA’s platform on https://www.oasa.gr/en/tickets/products/ath-ena-card/

Contact – mobilephone

You may have a lot of free time when you are a student, but regarding the communication, SMS and MBs are never enough for you. When you are a student in Greece and hold an academic ID, you will enjoy many offers and discounts from the phone companies.

Student Refectories

Greek universities have restaurants and dining rooms, offering meals to their students. For students who meet certain criteria like low income, international students holding a scholarship, etc., food is offered for free, while for the rest is offered at a very low price. Students can visit the website of their faculty and find more information at the section of student welfare).

Cinemas & Theaters

Students are automatically eligible to receive a discount on most normal tickets just by showing their academic ID at the ticket offices of theaters and cinemas. The exact price is predetermined by each cinema or theater.

Museums & Archaeological Sites

If you are a student in Greece, then you can discover the country’s mythical and fascinating past. From the Mycenaean and Minoan civilizations of the Bronze Age to Classical Athens and Sparta, and from the Byzantine era to the Modernity, this small Mediterranean country can amaze and seduce you with its plethora of archeological sites and historical monuments.