International PhD in Disruptive Technologies at Harokopio University

The Department of Informatics and Telematics at Harokopio University of Athens created a cutting edge PhD program in Disruptive Technologies addressed to international students.

Call for Applications in the International PhD program (academic year 2022-23).

Submission deadline: September 30, 2022.

The Call for Applications is now open for a limited number of doctorate positions (up to 5) addressed to both European and non-European Union citizens willing to conduct high-level research in the dynamic and well-equipped research environment of the Department of Informatics and Telematics at Harokopio University of Athens.

Disruptive technologies are innovations that come to replace a process, a product, or technology that is already well-established, giving rise to a new way to operate, be it for consumers, organizations, or both. Disruptive technologies completely change and replace solutions because they have better features that allow new possibilities to open up. The car and the television can be named as two famous disruptive technologies in history up to the arrival of information technology. COVID pandemic made the world realize the impact of technology in our everyday life. Cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Microservices and DevOps should be employed for their implementation and management of auch systems in a global scale.

Language: English.

Duration: The time period for obtaining the doctoral degree cannot be less than three (3) full calendar years from the date of enrollment. The maximum duration of the thesis is set at six (6) calendar years. An extension of one more year may be granted in exceptional cases if this is justified by a detailed report of the Advisory Committee (AC).

Tuition Fees: There are no enrollment or tuition fees for PhD programs in Greek Universities.

Scholarships: After acceptance in the program, doctorate students may apply for a Scholarship or research/teaching assistant positions funded by the Department of Informatics and Telematics.

Entry Requirements: Admission to the doctoral Programme is open, regardless of gender, age, religion, nationality, sexual preference, political orientation, or disability, to all candidates in possession of a Μaster’s degree in the fields of Computer Science, Information Systems, Technology Management and Management/Economics. In order to apply, the candidate must hold an accredited Master’s Degree and be proficient in the English language. The Programme also accepts remote students, with the obligation to spent a least one semester in premises. These students are not eligible for obtaining scholarships or paid positions.

Graduation Requirements: To graduate from the Programme, the doctorate candidate needs to complete 180 ECTS (at least 6 semesters), for the preparation and presentation of the research proposal, and the writing up of the doctoral dissertation.
Doctorate candidates must present their research proposal by the end of the first or second semester of their studies. Their proposal should be approved by the advisory committee in order to continue their studies.
Prerequisites for the successful completion of the process of preparing a doctoral thesis are:
a) the submission of annual reports in which the progress of the doctorate student is documented
b) at least two (2) publications on a topic from his / her thesis in valid peer- reviewed journals, which belong to the cataloging system, Scopus, Scimago (Q1, Q2, Q3).
c) the fulfillment of all the academic and administrative obligations deriving from the capacity of a doctorate student in accordance with the provisions of national legislation and the letter of acceptance.
In case of non-fulfillment of the above conditions (or some of them), the University has the right not to award the doctoral degree and consequently the deletion of the Candidate.

Submission of Application: Applicants must complete the application form (located in our website), accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae and all the necessary documents. Please indicate the area you are interested in. Those interested will be notified of the successful or unsuccessful outcome of their application by 15/10/22.
During the proposal evaluation period, the University may request additional information or clarifications, and shall invite the candidate for an interview via zoom platform.

For any information or clarifications on the programme and the subject area you may require, you may contact
• The Department’s Secretary for Doctorate Students (, tel: +302109549402) and
• Professor Mara Nikolaidou, responsible of this call ().You may also refer to our website

Applicants are referred to the Study in Greece portal for information on Greece as an student destination, VISA requirements and living conditions survival guide.
The international student support office of our University is also at your disposal (, tel: +302109549225).

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