International Conference “EU Values, Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue: Enhancing the debate

The Jean Monnet Project “Enhancing the Debate about Intercultural Dialogue, EU Values and Diversity – EU VaDis”, of the Department of International and European Studies of the University of Macedonia, and the Hellenic Association for European Law (HAEL), in collaboration with the Center for Research on Democracy and Law, and with the support of the European Parliament Liaison Office in Greece, co-organized an e-Conference on “EU Values, Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue: Enhancing the debate”, on Wednesday 21st to Friday 23rd of April, 2021.

The Keynote Speaker Sir Francis JACOBS, Professor of Law and Jean Monnet Professor at King’s College London, as well as f. Advocate General at the European Court of Justice (1988-2006), delivered a speech on “The EU and the rule of law: recent developments and current prospects”.

Distinguished Greek and foreign academics, researchers and experts, discussed under 11 thematic sessions aiming to increase the interest and enhance knowledge, to stimulate multidisciplinary research, reflection and dialogue, and to enhance cooperation between academia and civil society in this vital for the political, social and cultural life field.


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