Intensive Course in Sport & Exercise Psychology – 14 Lecturers from 5 European Countries & USA

On the 27th of January 2020, we welcome the 24th Intensive Course (IC) of the European Master in Sport and Exercise Psychology. We are very pleased to host once more this historic IC, organized by one of the oldest networks of Master’s programs among European universities. This is the 6th time that this IC will be hosted in Trikala and we hope to reach the success of last year.
 The last time that we organized it in Trikala was in 2019 and both students and lecturers were so satisfied that we decided to host it again in 2020. Our team consisted of the excellent European colleagues of our network will do our very best to provide the same level of quality and satisfaction that our network has offered to an entire generation of European Sport Psychologists. This high level of students’ satisfaction sustained alive this historic IC for more than 20 continuous years. As always, the high sta­­­ndards of the IC are due to the enthusiasm and volunteerism of the lecturers of this network. The main motive of these lecturers is to sustain alive the spirit of continuous development of European Sport Psychology and to disseminate this enthusiasm and spirit to the youngest generation of European sport psychologists.

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