International Hellenic University and Amity University India Forge Academic Partnership

Study in Greece (SiG) is delighted to announce one more academic collaboration facilitated by SiG – the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the International Hellenic University (IHU) and Amity University India. This partnership sets the stage for a dynamic exchange of ideas and resources.

The MoU, focused on academic and educational cooperation, aims to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation between the two institutions. IHU and Amity University are poised to engage in various collaborative initiatives, including student exchanges, credit transfer facilitation, faculty mobility, utilization of e-learning technologies, short-term student mobility, summer school programs, collaborative research projects, and more.

This partnership not only underscores a commitment to academic excellence but also reflects the shared vision of IHU and Amity University to contribute to the global advancement of education. Study in Greece, with its dedicated efforts in facilitating international collaborations, keeps playing a role in bringing more institutions together, exemplifying its commitment to fostering global academic networks.

In 2023, the Greek-Indian strategic partnership was established during PM Modi’s visit. The Prime Minister of Greece highlighted the significance of EU-India relations, expressing mutual interest in further coordination and extending an invitation to Indians to explore Greece beyond its popular attractions.

In alignment with this partnership, the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the International Hellenic University (IHU) and Amity University also shows the promising future of a new chapter in the academic relationship between Greece and India. This venture symbolizes the continuous growth and evolution of the deep-rooted ties between Greece and India, contributing to a legacy of shared knowledge and understanding that transcends borders.

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