iGEM Patras: Global distinction for students of the University of Patras in Medicine

Sixteen students from the University of Patras tried to redefine the world of Medicine, using Pharmacogenomics and Artificial Intelligence in order to achieve individualized treatment of patients.

Participating in the World Competition of Synthetic Biology, iGEM Competition, organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), they managed to bring a global distinction to Greece, and to highlight, as well, the work of Greek Universities, winning the Silver Medal in the final phase of the competition, which this year took place online on November 22, with the participation of more than 250 teams from around the world.

After about 1 year of efforts, the team from Patras managed to successfully present to internationally renowned judges the Hippocrates Project: https://2020.igem.org/Team:Patras, and explain why in 2020 there are still patients complaining about the side effects of the drugs they take.

The project’s principal goal consists in the automatization of the whole procedure followed by everyone under specific instructions. Taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the team created a portable molecular laboratory specialized in facilitating the recommendation of the correct dosage of statins, along with a web-based application accessible to anyone on www.haippocrates.com, containing the individualized dosing regimen related to the DNA of each patient.

This is the first time that a team from the University of Patras participates in this competition, which is organized on an annual basis since 2003. Members of the team were: Andronikidis Georgios (Department of Computer Engineering, University of Thessaloniki), Varitis Georgios (Department of Pharmacy ), Daramouskas Ioannis (Department of Computer Engineering & Informatics), Iliopoulou Evanthia (Department of Pharmacy), Kalafatis Konstantinos (Department of Pharmacy), Karatza Anastasia (Department of Pharmacy), Katsarou Vassiliki (Department of Pharmacy), Pharmacy Vassilios (Professor, Department of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering), Liopetas Ioannis (Department of Pharmacy),Papathanassiou Marianthi (Department of Pharmacy), Papakonstantinou Charalambos (Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Technology), Patrinos Georgios (Professor, Department of Pharmacy), Siamoglou Stavroula (Department of Pharmacy), Department of Pharmacy (S) (Department of Biology) and Psarias Georgios (Department of Pharmacy).


Well done boys and girls!

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