Historical agreement between NTUA and Columbia – The first double diploma is coming

The National Technical University of Athens seems to be very close to a historical agreement with the American University of Columbia for the preparation of the first dual degree. Students from the two institutions will complete two different educational programs in New York, based in Columbia and Athens.

More specifically, ten excellent students from Greece will have the opportunity to complete two different educational programs at the same time, attending eight semesters in Athens and two in New York while receiving two diplomas: the master’s degree in various engineering specialties in Columbia and the diploma (integrated master) in NTUA.

The dual degree offered consists a contemporary option for students in order to gain academic background and skills from two different universities.

Despite the difficulties associated with incompatibilities, such as the four-year undergraduate studies in the US as opposed to the five-year studies at NTUA, the elaboration of a diploma thesis, it is estimated that the appropriate formula will be found very soon for the establishment of the program.

It has to be noted that the selection of students who will participate in this program will be based solely on their academic performance and level of English language proficiency.

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