Greek Higher Education Institutions as energy transition catalysts

The Secretary General of Energy and Mineral Resources underlined -in an online meeting on the establishment of “Network of Greek Universities for Sustainability”- that Greek Higher Education Institutions can be catalysts for the energy transition.

“Our Universities, by implementing energy upgrade initiatives and actions, will not only save financial resources, but will further strengthen their role as centers of research, experiential learning, innovation and will serve their mission even more faithfully, that is, not only to impart knowledge, but to create new knowledge, to open new avenues in scientific research and employment”.

In this context, according to the General Secretary, to date, a total of 15 proposals of universities and research institutions of the country have been included in the program “Energy Upgrading of Public Buildings in Universities, Dormitories, and facilities of Technological Institutions”.

“The above programs can mark the beginning for energy autonomous universities” In this direction, which is a modern international trend, Ms. Sdoukou outlined 6 axes, to which the Greek Universities can turn for research and implementation of relevant actions:

  • Energy Upgrade to electromechanical equipment and passive components of buildings to reduce energy consumption
  • Development of “smart” applications for monitoring and control of energy consumption
  • Utilization of RES electricity generation applications, either from mature technologies, such as photovoltaic, or from innovative applications, such as hybrid systems
  • Creation of hybrid energy storage systems that can deliver energy to the system on demand
  • Promoting electric mobility from charging infrastructure to innovative conversions and other innovative systems
  • Development of new innovative products, services and applications that promote sustainable development


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