Greek Education goes digital

The Digital Transformation of the Greek educational environment and the digital empowerment of the educational community were the main subjects discussed in the meeting held between the Greek Minister of Education and Religious Affairs Niki Kerameos and the Greek Minister of Digital Governance, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, which took place on May 18th2021.

During the meeting, participants referred to the Greek education digitalization strategy, presenting the framework and the actions being made aimed at enhancing the technological infrastructure and the educational structures in order to create a high- performance digital ecosystem which will inspire its “inhabitants” to develop their digital skills.

In particular, for Primary-Secondary Education and Special Education were discussed the following actions:

– The digital excerpt of the Secondary Education diploma

– E-Registrations of Primary Education

– E-Registrations of Secondary Education

– Reorganization of the process of filling the positions of deputy teachers

– Information of Candidates for Panhellenic Examinations

– The Upgrading of the access circuits of the schools to the Panhellenic School Network


– For Higher Education were discussed the following actions

– E-Diplomas: The online platform for obtaining a university degree

– E-University: Digital infrastructure is being upgraded and expanded

– Academic ID: A new, “smart” student ID, which will facilitate access to important services


– The National Higher Educational Authority, the National Network of Technology and Research Infrastructures, and the Ministries of Education and Religious Affairs and Digital Government, introduced a working group to develop a comprehensive institutional framework regarding the Electronic Integrated Book Management Service, the Central Support System for student’s internships as well as the Electronic service for the integrated management of new teaching positions of the HEIs.



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